Health Benefits Of Cayenne Pepper?

Uploaded by OneMinuteSixPack on 08.08.2012

Hi I'm Nick and welcome to One Minute Six Pack. Today’s video is about the health
benefits of cayenne pepper. Before I get into that though, I wanted to answer the question,
“What is cayenne pepper?” It’s a red, hot chili pepper that’s used as a spice
to flavor food and drinks. It can be consumed (1) raw, (2) as a powder, (3) as a capsule,
or (4) as a vinegar-based sauce. Cayenne pepper health benefits are so numerous, it’s often
referred to as a super-spice. The most important benefit within the context of getting a sixpack
is that cayenne pepper raises your metabolism. This, of course, helps you burn fat, including
stomach fat, much faster.
In addition to that, a recent study showed that people who mixed cayenne pepper into
their foods ate an average of 15% less food. Along with burning fat, cayenne pepper is
great for detoxifying your body. This is because it stimulates your circulatory system, and
therefore heats up your body. Other health benefits of cayenne pepper include anti-inflammatory
properties. Cayenne pepper has been shown to reduce pain as well or better than some
medications without any negative side effects. You can use it to relieve the symptoms of
migraines, arthritis, sore muscles, etc.
Cayenne pepper also has anti-irritant properties. It’s been shown to ease ulcers, sore throats,
bad coughs, an upset stomach, etc. It also helps your body fight the flu by strengthening
your immune system and breaking up congested mucus. Others cayenne pepper health benefits
are that it helps prevent heart attacks and strokes. This is a result of it’s ability
to (1) prevent the formation of blood clots; and (2) to reduce your body’s bad, LDL cholesterol
and triglyceride levels. With all the health benefits of cayenne pepper, start using it
today to spice up your meals. That's all for now. To learn more about how to lose belly
fat and get six pack abs, visit Take Care, and thanks for watching.