VICE and Project X's Party Legends: A-Trak

Uploaded by vice on Feb 3, 2012


Hey, what's up?
My name is A-Trak and I'm going to tell you the story of
one of the wildest nights I've had.
Going back to the early years of my DJing, because I had a
bit of a crew, we all got booked in
Houston Halloween weekend.
I went there with my friend, DJ Craze.
We walked off the plane and this girl picked us up--
she was hot.
She takes us to the hotel, and as I mentioned,
it's Halloween weekend.
So she's like, can I change in one of you guys' bathrooms?
We're like, oh yeah, sure.
So she goes into the bathroom and comes out in full-leather
cat woman suit--
I'm like, whoa.
I'm getting a call from my agent.
He's like, your promoter's missing.
We start hanging out in the lobby because we're just
waiting for a call to know where to go.
And in the lobby there was some sort of formal party,
people were wearing suits and stuff and there was a piano.
And lo and behold, [INAUDIBLE]
in Humpty-Hump attire walks up and starts
playing on the piano.
And these girls are getting completely drunk right next to
them, so very strange juxtaposition.
So my agent's like, all right, I think I know
what the venue is.
I don't care if you guys play or not, but I need you to pick
up the money.
So we break up into two cars.
Me and Craze are in the car with the one
chick in the catsuit.
So you see someone with fur boots and someone in neon
attire and a visor hat and you're like, they know.
So we're rolling down the window being like yo, guys,
where's the party?
And they're like, what?
They don't get that we're the DJs.
Like they're trying to not tell us or something.
We went to one spot, there's nothing there.
We go to another spot and we walk into the place, there's a
rave going on, there's a party going on.
I did my DJ set and as soon as I walked offstage, chaos
ensures and the word gets around the
Fire Marshall's here.
People are running in every direction and the party's
getting shut down.
And we're looking for the promoter, and everyone we ask
is sort of like ha, everyone's looking for him.
His buddy comes and finds me, and he's like, yeah, Scott,
had to uh-- go take care of something.
I see the promoter dude actually jump out the window.
Not as a suicide, just to run away-- we're like ah, ah.
My friend, DJ Craze, comes in and finds me.
Like glorious smile, super excited, he's like "I got it."
He managed to hide the little tin container of
cash from the cops.
And the homegirl in the catsuit was like you guys want
to go to another party?
And I'm just like, you guys got to get me to my hotel.
Now the hotel at least had a hot tub in the room.
And I'm going to kick back.
Fuck everything, I'm getting in the hot tub.
And someone's knocking on my door, and I'm sort
of like who is it?
I just throw on a robe and open the door and
be like what's up?
And the homegirl in the catsuit was like dressed in
borderline S&M gear.
I was like, oh man.
I think she had a whip or something.
And that was one of the weirdest nights I've ever had
on the road.