Day 5: Survival training

Uploaded by USCGImagery on 20.12.2011

The training in the video is our annual water survival
exercise to get real time familiarization with the
boat crew survival vest that we wear and to understand
what it feels like to be in the water if you're ever approached
with that situation. The training we conduct is a controlled environment, therefore when you
go into the water, that you're calm, collective and you understand,
you familiarize where everything is at and you conduct a
hundred yard swim, if you're ever in that situation.
When we do the
survival exercise, we wear our coldest garment that
we have, which would be dry suits for this area.
The importance of doing this training
is to ensure you stay calm if you go in the water, understand that you know
where everything is located, that way if you
are in the water, that you're not
stressed out and can rely on the training that you're given so you
can react properly.
-You ready? Yeah. One. Two. Three.-