Dumb SEO Questions 2 - Disavow Links, Panda, Penguin.

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if eerie christians
which was the only thing i was uh... that was the big news is uh... that
only because of that too
times when i say that you know what a wonderful thing it is that uh... you do
that was done it
there there was never anything in in in a tribunal to work
provided in
there's no money attribute them to do it it it should read it
level playing field it's a little one conservative media
as it is that's going to help their business
uh... ltd
that the other thing is that
i wanted to say all of us to yours
uh... it suspicion as to who did it it could be a dangerous children
your entire website ranking did
depends on the links
uh... and so it it's not something to be taken lightly uh...
it's not something that uh... you should just said so unit as the storm
uh... if you know that they are using
melanie goes from reworked object to me saying this but i think really at
something that i may see a specialist
should be doing before you rather then
you know if you look absolutely certain what you're doing if you could producer
of a little damage
where would you think ahead
i think um... first of all that
and a lot of people
all may have heard about mingling disavow tool
and not even google webmaster stalls uses
i think
that's a first step in fact to sign up with the word masa stalls account
get registered for that and start learning about everything about a
as it become more familiar with its functionality and features
including the links section and everything else
uh... that's when you started form their own the is in the morning news had to go
uh... protecting your website is bad links and there are any
so uh... one thing to remember is that building peace now
to is similar to
in what he can do to your website is similar to the uh... advance parameter
europa reminiscing single webmaster stilts
in dhahran for example you can state to do
this variable doesn't change the content of that page trading or everything
people cover-up are wrong variable in the
you could do a lot of damage to scott and denotes what the pages
uh... similarly
uh... if using the link is about to
panic people other links in there for another reason
you click on the web sites rankings because websites rulings
collect actually importing the engine
and there are no links it's not going to run very well for you
stephanie ay uh...
tool that's recommended for professional inexperienced uses
you don't have to be in a sealed professional to use the two but you
should informant advise itself about
uh... but
and and bad for the link is before you making the decisions
when recruit
i'm carol thomas uh... and any thoughts
how her current q bromo through doing a book on the mountain
gross somebody who knows to advise you
home will usually do 'em world musicians opal home
approve of you have to do it
you know who to below the grueling two refused to absorb notebooks
of cases
or amendments as you know that uh... and some it considers themselves uh...
apparel user
through what what should they be looking for olc
well and
i'd thought i'd i'd been through this process is over and done
really had to do to turn too
biggest financial literally within road did
waiting when people are evaluating the links led the league set out to this
what criteria would you judge uh... linked him to be bad domain it does it
have to bill assorted looks good one of the it doesn't i'd like to know what do
you think
bruce purple overflows whose were mature
lynn mccumber because group of goals
comparable mark group
so although mom of going to lose
the balloon book programs
purpose who opposed
work oakmont repeat without
moderate new what
that's the first part
coalition of saying mister nunn
iogear a tent-like carol we start littleton
then you're really do you think it's really saluted values if you look at
i mean first of all
what would prompt someone to open up the link to bet me disability on the first
place why would they
why would i think i needed to even look at it
and don't even know what a bad link is
and you haven't been doing anything bad to the links itself he probably will
need the tool
nonetheless shows us that he had just uh...
nina mom-and-pop shop and uh... you just have a website and it's out there and
uh... you don't really need to concern yourself with the link this about so
it's not something that uh...
now you need to worry about
even if your wallets words what is a pal usurp areas that could be a a very
successful uh... webmaster that understands everything
insane and cinema is the email marketing as a sierra knows everything but
they've done everything uh... while you have
they may be some
isn't bad links from
scrapers and all sorts of things but is this webmasterworld by these links
so even if your values up
um... this store is still not clear mess
you know you've done something
i think
nine nine percent of people who've done something moving schemes they know
they've done it
by men the exactly what things i've done wrong in the past right
i remember exactly that uh... and link trade adult corn
tool i use to submit articles
what a bad joist
so what i've done is of going back
found the loading format can end up until the end of everything else in the
submitted in there
but what what dot com cleanup
is whether those articles have been distributed
thankfully on the news is that much and ankit expect then uh... use something
else was already thinking
whitewater you know this disease is going to stop
uh... sit you pretty much know
we've done something
and if you're not sure
uh... bhool links team stopping link schemes ingle
and find
angles article
that uh... pretty much explains what an unnatural incase national link is
anything that didn't happen its own
you know you've paid money
or given good so in a exchange links have done something on a mass can-spam
i think it was not so worried about
if jim if i ask you a hating a link to my website
because we know each other let's let's work a deal
on a story i don't think that's a big deal
once you start offering this publicly once you start getting a little bit more
intensely that once you start affecting a lot of results were already sides
that's when you have a problem
uh... socket i say
of muslim buses will know what they've done
and they will know exactly the reason that i know the problem is that the ban
in the past
it should go into that too
the problem is
what they think he's a bad link with also be something that google is
currently nine and he's not damaging their reputation at the moment
so they could be undoing the rankings
by reporting that those links and all the greatest links
but they're still work
good thing about that is that they'll clean it up for the future
and does not fit the risks
and the that thing is that that will immediately
karo some of the valuable injuries and uh...
undermined the rankings
chan initially sheta
is you firm it predicts unaffected in unit moment metrolink slowly
it's not in some reputed
exactly like i said if you just
running a small business uh... if you look at your severely affected any if
you have anything going to troubles
and you troubleshooter then there's no technical problems in somebody's got to
look at it and
uh... you've submitted
the request would go when they're saying there's a manual action on your side
it's been confirmed then you've got
something to look into it
if there is no link warning it does not affect effect on your range ins
you probably have better things to do with your
it's structures agenda
fidelity garcia
you chose to do
nakedness and guide
isn't it
whilst three percent
uh... cute
and intel starts pictured any startlingly star
it to started to
q it is these oxnard
post-cold stops experts
alright well look
parent is a great deal to do with the distinguish dealt enough from me with
the leaders of the until would you like to move on to something else
test that
okay luv
uh... there there's a probably led by the way whitman but this is a dance at
the moment
were printed in north incidents uh... it
panda england i a m
uh... made a uh... n_j_
always a buzz words that st louis mo
memorize close then when they hear the man
did my my my quick quick strike is it ph heffernan was uh...
and therefore runnin
money there was an unannounced and didn't that and that they must share
allied with a completely different on the rather than england
and just recently we had that the integrity of was saying
uh... intrigues ect makes demands that didn't trickle exec'd
matched by its evidence out
and anyway uh...
this friday night
i think we can skip all the others and that's uh... this time with the and
uh... named in light of a whipping the name date
that trial
hook i've of um...
had prepared a little
slide origin apostle dennis co-chairman screens
with here
so uh...
healy saying
then that and whatever else you want to call
there is bits and pieces
so uh... forward-looking
looking at a younger than as a woman a little bit on this
this bottle here on this whole
entire circle
atmosphere is essentially a bulls uh... search algorithm
uh... will search quality over them
with god
and when we have got and other goodies that match with coats uh... made a
all these things are bits and pieces added too
composes the
overall search quality algorithm
part of this is such korea uh... successfully algorithm is dedicated to
catching with spam
and in particular
and then penguin for example if we look at the topics like f ing exchanges
spankings optical
where is the difference between that and uh... some of these other quality fish
for the algorithms
i want to do with that stand
uh... then and then when uh... more to do with um... schemes
uh... major difference between the two
is that that is looking for
poor quality
characteristics on site
contents uh... and uh...
things that uses
wouldn't enjoy to to do and that type of websites that uses wouldn't trust
uh... and all of the views of user feedback was interestingly
to helped create a panda program which is quite interesting asked is a little
questions including
do you like this party like the colors has the layout
and then last week you pull your credit card in this website would you trust
this big medical advice
uh... and based on that officially fed and created a number of addresses those
uh... and when is a bit of a different animal
and i do have
black and white animals around that he could have uh...
all sorts of uh... things but basically they just
spanning various shades of blue dog about penguin who catches link schemes
which is which was pretty tully current covered already in the in the previous
segment talking about building peace about who
but uh... every next iteration of an algorithm every next uh... being dead
news releases
will grow
towards the main objective or goal
to give the most relevant answer
his critics quickly as possible to use it
my advice is for people not to do much to obsess about uh... dairies names in
our rooms
it sounds the same rules said it like million times
do what's best for the use of right also content and then be social and share
that's probably the best way to avoid any problems with uh... there's problems
and problems
uh... that said
is valuable to have good sound technical knowledge of things because you could be
shooting yourself in a foot by
uh... knowing that senior entire website and doing something silly like that
but so we're going to get the full learned griffith university lecturers
looking toward election day
it's a good one in its place things
in innocently are away than i normally do
and they've been
filled with gerald
but is it
group of the problem
and is that you can do to fill in the seven
we withdraw the advert september and uh... that's good news
dot did the will learn
campaign that tested
heroic poured into the market what is wrong
make a community
units working group ltd militia
the in
but a bit
usually golden
that reported in two of you that
that they didn't bring an end to end it
who who justice will be on the issue reported
do say the is it
you talking to somebody that
uh... isn't skilled in this he has said
you need to get into midway
youth and uh...
fed pender and and and penguin nine
and tell me you've used to it
it was hit
just totally
and his contract
yes functions
his regional interests thanks
afternoon period
some old shit song
all right
incase anywhere
i grabbed
and jessica lowley well-known so you did you go on a study that puts you in the
were when you came in you know you didn't the window on the bottom is cross
uh... stratocaster marvelous said a lot longer knows that i was like you
send a
to europe scientists say that this is all it does
so anyway that when it sounded really six of us what you think
you know the sooner and on the cunard
yet he didn't plant and we're looking at
billion that uh... i mean
rebuttal to that on the part of the relief for the use of a few days
buzzwords uh... pandit penguin
and i would you please explain man what they do
and uh... hemolytic decide
uh... said no i a m and
the sentiment mcfarland balint
explaining will soon be a good evening
i think uh... nmt white flags and we have been here's nightline's especially
bob dole and
someone's mario listens that
water under a little more so i think that i think the loss of products but
uh... the states and it's uh...
is the status of your got us all online
and inside sales head
as their rights uh...
ernest wilson
because sought the bottle
or uh...
the settlement called is that the other
and uh... uses
it also
bother both being
recommends it uses used with
all over
lines bookkeeping
the floor of the four th floor
their atrium
and go to the
that brother ron he's
for clients
there was over there
in uh... the cholesterol naal
that uh... fee it is
just sing that song
moon bones due soon
native made an article
regularly for the article
mayweather off dispensed sold a only and they have to adjust
they have fun
who and being alone
and the in
let alone
york your plans or more
this year
uh... the thought you knew you lindsay
hands the is the
for the the
where these growth
flags that only one of the rainbow main because the festa
while mike boorda last fall
but and all my montenegro the other will call
it's was let's do it
and the
union with its citizens that a here and they said all those who thought it was
very little rock for me
but isn't dot
that's that's
uh... this their in this that
brought up
okay is that the voters want less has more
and related
that's that's about all of them
walkway finds that often hope all is it possible
with the political mon
uh... he's put the pieces based in boston
uh... i'm he's moving
look at the site since last fall
them so they don't go away side
returned to recruit comfirm comply with the group in regard
below the and shut up with a link to that
saw at on on the beaches that so that people what the what's this letter we
will see it
but that uh...
but is it a bit tripling to them it takes is written in two point you're
looking at that link then
that's lovely
this out there that takes looks more like uh...
like texture
because it's a small if any of the his close friend right
well if it's a rather than just claim
there it is
you knew that four hundred isn't soon
if and hey is there anything that could
that is the list of the small
exhausting than in google logo
it's right in the
lawn service
no i don't know the will
itself is still too early in the ranking said defended that is that there are
almost four mile marlboro or anything else
than bomb are bombing it's once well
interested in the lord
check asians
cycle and doesn't show up so it looks like somebody did something about it
wally was that was lacking gooden and
mid-morning that
loses in local
in months
this is an working
their was an into onto
what what benefits and releases so it came in there
if you're in
wondering uh... you know and where u_s_ saudis soul with your son is indexed in
uh... utilize take take your your review of
and therefore a the route europe so i decide to will colin
and uh... that that will tell you that number of pages
his uh...
but to go as a mixed views so
and um...
if there are no pages listed then
universities servants businesses issue
that sem
initialize which is just as than the
the related you two to three feet long remixes that loan
that's the days and cased
so as you can see on the screen as did the site
sat side command an end and it shows up a few pages so the side is still in the
knowing that but the original page
that we looked at
is running out
uh... before you
case for that page shows a little for for
uh... worldwide or went smoothly
of k overlooked them
it's six minutes to lose that you tested it is sick and then
meant that
uh... one day i'm just wondering whether
the have been the movement of the the the miners market for rep
things like uh...
reignite the issues that
uh... and and dot com and uh... there will be coming to these days in city and
uh... exact mixed the exact match demands canceling a minute
any explanation on on what that is the networks
well the exact match the names
uh... ustinov really
the exact match the names signal painful
it's more to do with uh...
with brand recognition
sewer if somebody looks for my company dot that being the johnny ceo
if website is this an issue dot com W
but global connors knows that even if my website was totally like without links
just by having that exact
for the for the creating that match what we call
who lives in hollyhead that's probably what they call
a critical match
an essential match
specific and we're looking for all pele eva airport
the critical match
too that will be the l_a_ airport website
uh... nomad of how'd you stopped or how well link dot how well optimized any of
the result is
sar i think this part of the walls algorithm is
responsible for answering the question
of official websites
what goalie was not so good with
was figuring out what the brand most of the brain
so uh... what he said read nike shoes
how did they know that that's you know we companies have that's silly names
do they sell that had snow
sitebuilder machine become really know if red nike shoes dot com is eg brand
so uh... they use losses the signals and combine different things
meets the eye with the recent updates
and we've seen that has the value a lot of these exact match the names what's
happened is google just got better
at figuring out what resolve deserves that spot
and what that result doesn't deserve that spot but this defect is one is
uh... the and uh... answering the brand
and the second one
is of course uh...
the combination of low quality signals but city with a name
some people think
i can just buy an exact match the main
and i think there are some links that ad
you know social bookmarking wrist resubmission so
you can see help and uh... and payment overlay
and with uh... the man and i were them as well it's all part of one thing
if your website is an exact match
if it used to rent really well if used spending links if you have been content
then it's no surprise that you are thinking
however if you have a great domain
is that match with
great links with great constant
you can still
the out there
the main value
is nothing to do with um...
and this update
it's one webmaster does with the site
and that's always been the case now it's in the more common
cruel charleston
and allen thanks for joining us uh...
well away from dubai
it doesn't know where where quick talking about uh...
uh... anger and pain women in the exact date max two demands
well i dont like to know will will if you have any so it's good
analyst respond uh... then it's going to see a to deseo de beers dental known to
man but i want
they review too
uh... it you do you have anything to add to attempt to do what we were talking
by the way you like mother being meted out
just click the button underneath it and let them out
and lower ready for a run
bell and uh... rescue me dentists make his face say something at that point
belly ring
now my microphone was needed actually
and we got alan working with his microphone
uh... carrying out his counsel yet
i one thing i wanted to uh...
to stress that
only passing subject i guess
is that yukon just expect imply i grade the mang
and then is gonna rain
universal rules apply across
every possible domain
and nif
all ok domain uh... stands majestic crossed
exact matches but also darl
and eview and pulses of uh... myths surrounding this
one in particular that i have no idea how clarifies that you could have
uh... you know website dot eview
and not rainfall anything in particularly well or you could have
something dot gov
and that website is not going to rank well
the conquering well just because of the domain extension
to people who are obsessing over the dot t_ o_ b_
uh... on top-level domain
they thinking you know altogether dot net if i get a door we forget about calm
is that i make a bet the difference
i think you're looking at such mein minor details that uh... it's really
what more people get confusing that thinking why if i get a ring from
government website
that's a really great lakes and that's true
uh... it's these links among could because of the book gulf at the end of
the domain
they good because they great website there well trusted in length from a lot
of websites
and and
saying things to do is to remember that with uh... with purchasing domains
ecologist expected by greg the main
expected to rain is to have to work on content
we still have to be socially started this to people you do and uh... you
started in links
so all those you love the rules uh... applied at the university of course
all the mains all sub domains in top-level domains as well
okay decrease
hysterical as she got it
sydney dot com books end
that is a dot com dot are you but there is no seeking god you know that's and
that's a separate website
had and match
talent scout wash home
our tickets
dot guilt
action kathleen koch
at the beginning of this error after
it was bought i'll stand watch korean denied stop ross gingrich all that
he signs on daren seedless clients science spark everson talks on the dot
catastrophes kitchen trust
treacherous kumari
cash-strapped tops
dallas updates an nicer boat gtalk
brains dots
warsaw spot brace makes a great day
you are sparse
mhm copy
don't cable
iraq and kuwait
actually nishant troops
mission a success
stops comic
yemenese investing in vienna and the name
the problem by building is ever
just don't think that uh...
unit co cc or whatever the results and eighty k
uh... that have been abused in the past that think that's also upon common sense
decision in business decision you make it not just
next year to us
presidents just don't know me that uh... we we really have uncovered something
important uh... with regard to
to uh...
and and and penguins and uh... when it had been delivery when been mentioned
uh... somebody via demand
uh... john miller did you know inimitable john mueller uh... recently
mentioned on the uh... webmaster help forum list uh... a
uh... denying them which was uh... mystified england uh... marked virtually
the unusable uh...
now we have added that it costs uh... the end of that uh... uh... is that the
link yet it's a valid tool
it's uh... actually there's a lot of consideration of implications
during her break that uh... denizens and unexplained number of the ramifications
first of all if you are uh... if you're buying a demand that has history
there's been involved more to consider then uh...
then is here
and i think
before we go into anything data about to make a statement and who's not police of
the way
then all the quality control of the wave there are just a search engine
at once to return results to uses for the questions
i think
irresponsible business i know
or webmaster she did their own to delete diligence
and all copies you see
of the main now does run out
familiar with
various tools and things that could be a used a of the one to suggest it's cool
wayback machine
just cool it
you can just point your web site on the desired website website address in the
and should have forty three of the website
at throb as far as long as they have its own you could be a good look it up
as far as you know in ninety-eight and
ninety seven and so forth
so it speeds one
tool that i use
before i
decide to purchase a domain or not
if i can see that that the main ad
pirated software open over a few pills or
uh... you had unit questionable material on it although vibe
for more reasons than just as you know
are not uh... uh... another told that uh... can be used is um...
mental states we take screenshots moved on the house on the website every now
and then
and this tool as well can be used
to track down the east st
ample website it's it's uh... its look
and whether it's a little bit trick is to find out any links
for a domain that's kinda not registered because typically does links drop out of
the um... drop out of the walls index
so the question is how do you find out
if they're demanding you're about to purchase has badminton on
one thing you can do the two-thirds articles like
uh... ingested
open site explorer
and use both actually combine is using tools you can to final ruling said that
the main ad
and he if you finding a lot of spending uh... spending links
you already know that you're going to be up for some challenges
and since these quality filters are being printed
and perhaps they consider uni to purchase that the men in the first place
and i think booking said something like what scott dot com
and and you just eight five million dollars for it
that's that might be a different story might be worth the cleanup so i guess
it's just weighing your options
and do do do do do diligence i guess that's my advice
so that that flint continuous supply
with are just a bit but i would rather powerful um... for the evening uh... i i
think movement will certainly covered a lot of thought and he really wanted to
questions uh... it's neither not simply than covered it uh... would
personally like this dot i i'm sorry to keep punishing you'd end that
uh... we believe would you like to to retin sum up brown we were at the
declare it your with regard to them
through the link first bullet disability sofa it's really important it's just
it's it's it's not something that should be used lightly
yeah i think i think the uh... message at the end of the uh... again in the
well today for some
uh... is basically
that goals for this month
and they are getting better and better with
catching manipulated techniques
if you have in the past being participating in such all accuracy of
company has
now there is an extra tools that can be used
to clean up your act
if he'd if you don't know that you've done anything wrong
and if you think you've done anything right and there does not indicate is
that your web sites not performing and it does not notifications
there's nothing to worry about
if there are problems then there's options like pineapple blinks and that
this about tool and also finally
the link and the uh... because as you requested the global scheme
all that what we discovered is in the context of
search quality
is comprised of many different algorithm layers including
net and out there catches locally content
entangling links
that's even two weeks to alabama domains of called the main
uh... exact match the main update
all these things could como tively
add up to uh...
ever-increasing goldfish quality
advice to live mosses is to focus on
the site quality content quality great links not try not to manipulate things
if purchasing domains
look look up its prospects like buying an old ka and we have to look at it says
mechanism in history
and and if
at on and only if this trouble denny is doing just about to land only if you
know what you doing
if you dont then there's plenty of great places das for health global web masa
help forms
there's pam hangouts that we're on his uh... done is your questions that way
in at the moment minute bust reaction people questions
before you do anything
i think uh... ok from something
let's find a picture in it
we're concerned
unlike the disease in uh... mixed with you if you if you wouldn't mind survived
you're tuned up again
uh... thank you very much so send the signal