Os Barbixas - Improvável - Frases (Bruno Motta, Sheila Friedhofer e Daniel Tauszig)

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Let's play "Whose Line", with Daniel and Sheila.
In this game, each player takes two sentences from the box,
put them in their pockets, and they have to pick a sentence,
read it during the scene and figure a way for it to make sense.
I'll ask Daniel Tauszig to start this game, to inspire someone from the audience.
You, Mr. Davi. Can you help me with this scene?
You will close your eyes, and when he's finished,
I'll ask you what did you see. And that will be the theme of the game.
All right, Mr. Davi. What did you see?
A waltz!
'Waltz' is the theme of "Whose Line", starting now!
My daughter, as a princess, you cannot dance with anyone you like tonight.
Oh, dad! This way I won't get to meet my people!
- But you're not supposed to meet the people! - No?
You won't marry a common man, you'll marry Prince Albert Frankintonison!
He's from the castle next to ours, he looks like a good lad...
- But dad... - No "buts"!
I have the last word in this kingdom!
And I say: This is very naughty!
If you dance with another one, that will be very naughty!
Geez, dad...
Enter Prince Wiliwalankominson!
Look how hot he is, my daughter! Those beautiful ears!
Look, dad... The only good thing is that he is taller than me!
Come on, dance the waltz with him!
Wow! The...
Prince Alvonsominson!
- Prince... - Alvostomiston!
Carambola! It looks like a star!
- Prince Alvostominson! - Prince, prince...
- Prince, prince... - Oh, yes...
It's an honor to have you here.
That's my father!
- Princess! - Yes!
- Here is... - It's an honor, I'm super glad that you are here...
I think it's like, really cool that you are here today!
I hope things work out with my baby girl!
- Daddy... - The king is leaving!
Prince Alvorstominson stays!
Dear princess, I think we can skip the formalities,
here is the carambola-shaped engagement ring as you requested.
The ring shines!
Wow! This carambola looks like a star!
They all do, my dear! Now put the ring on, because I want to leave this filthy party!
I want to speed up this wedding, so stay pretty over there
while I wait for you outside. I'm leaving.
Exit Prince Alverstominson!
You said my name differently all the times.
See, my daughter, I told you he was handsome, polite...
- Daddy... - Oh, baby girl...
Does it have to be him?
- Why, my daughter? - I always dreamed with a prince charming!
But this one...
- I forgot my wallet... - Stop, prince! Come back here!
This wallet belongs to my kingdom now!
- How dare you... - How dare? I'm a king, you are just a prince no one knows the name!
- It's Prince Almersomenson! - So please, spell his name!
P-R-I-N-C-E... Alverstomison!
- Dear, if you... - No "dear"! I haven't blessed this marriage yet!
I also don't want this marriage anymore!
For your information, in this kingdom the last word is always mine!
Because this is my kingdom! And you should know that...
The built-ins are winning the war!
- Hurry! - The built-ins are attacking your castle!
Let's go back! We still have living cheese!
Exit Prince Alversomisson!
- Daddy! Thanks! - You're welcome, you're welcome...
You're the world's greatest dad!
That means I'm now free to...
To what, my daughter? Why this pause?
- I don't know how to miss... - So hit me, baby!
IMPROVÁVEL Probably a good show.