How to Make and Smoke Louisiana-style Andouille Sausage (Bradley Smoker)

Uploaded by TexanSmoker on 01.01.2012

today we are making louisiana style Andouille sausage. this is the most popular
kind of sausage that cajuns use
for example in gumbos
it is a very flavorful
sausage that's got a nice smoke flavor and we'll be smoking it in the Bradley Smoker
so first of all you need to go to the store and get all your supplies
what I have here is essentially going to be a sixty forty beef
pork ratio
you are going to need
some nice fatty meat in there to
keep it nice and moist
second of all I am using natural hog casings. I've played around with synthetics,
different kind of casings, and find that a hog casing is best.
What you want to do is soak them in water for thirty to forty minutes
and after you soak them you want to open them up and run water through them.
The reason is it will make it easier to put
on yours stuffer. So you can see that they have been soaking and are kind of thin,
but after you run water through them, they kind of expand.
so this is about pretty much what it should look like
when it is on your stuffer attachment
usually stuffers will have several different kinds of attachments,
so be sure to use the correct size!
I'm going to use this barrel style screw stuffer.
It's really easy for one person to use
I have used the other kind of stuffer
which you sort of have a lever and you push down
and I find it is a little bit too difficult for one person.
So I have my dry ingredients as well.
And I've got my wet ingredients.
So basically all I am going to do is put my wet ingredients,
put my dry ingredients in the meat,
mix it all together real good,
and we'll go from there!
OK, at this point the meat looks fairly well mixed.
So remember that once we stick this in the casings,
that's it, we smoke it and then eat it, so now is the time to adjust
the seasoning levels. So what I do is,
I take a little bit of the meat,
and I essentially make like a
breakfast sausage patty out of it.
And then fry it in a pan, taste it, and see how good we did on our seasonings!
It's just about right!
Maybe a little spicier.
So another tip,
is that when you take a break
to heat you up some meat like this, or whatever you are doing,
always put your meat back in the fridge.
The colder the meat is, the easier it will be to stuff it.
We'll add a little bit more spice, and then we'll stuff our meat!
Alright, I am down to my last few links here, so I am going to show you guys
up close how to load these natural casings on the barrel here,
and how to do that twisting link method that I was talking about earlier.
With natural casing, it is a little bit more tricky of a process.
So, here we go.
We lay the casing out, and the importance
of running water through them not only to clean them but to open them up
should become apparrent. It makes this process tons easier.
So you thread an end on,
and with my left hand I am guiding
the casing, untwisting it if necessary,
and with my right hand I am pulling it onto the barrel.
Be sure to keep it even on the barrel.
OK, when I get to the end, I am just going to tie it off.
We are ready to start our first link.
Now if you prefer, you could always get butchers twine and tie the ends.
But this method works just as well, and it is free.
OK, so when we get to the length of about one link,
then all we do is sort of pinch it off,
we flip it
so this one is coming towards me.
The next link will go away from me.
Alright, when you are done stuffing,
this is what it should look like
Now we let it marinate overnight in the fridge, and we smoke tomorrow.
Stay tuned!
Our sausage has been marinating all night in the refrigerator.
We've taken it out and let it rest for fifteen or twenty minutes.
Now we are ready to load our smoker.
I've set the Bradley to its lowest temperature, about one hundred twenty degrees.
I've got the smoke going with Mesquite,
mixed with a little bit of Pecan.
We are going to smoke for about for or five hours,
and as we smoke we are going to raise the temperature slowly to about one seventy-five
this it to prevent it from sweating and oiling out the skin.
Let's load it up!
OK, the sausage has been smoking for about five five-and-a-half hours it's ready to take up
Now one tip here is that when I am using my Bradley, that I rotate the racks a
couple of times during smoking sausage because the bottom of the smoker is a little hotter
than the top and I want sort of an even color across the sausage.
So let's open it up and take a look and see what we have.
Alright, this is our finished product.
It's about ten pounds of freshly smoked Andouille sausage.
What you are going far is a nice, dark, even color on
both sides of the sausage. So this is sort of the perfect piece,
the perfect example piece right here. This probably isn't quite one hundred percent
the way i don't like it but, it is close enough
Right when you take a sausage out of the smoker,
dredge it in cool water. That will help prevent the skin from shriveling and bubbling up.
And i highly suggest that you invest in a vacuum sealer.
Vacuum one or two links in each bag, throw it into the freezer, it will last forever.
Thanks for watching!
Join me next time, when I smoke something else!