BCBSTX Promotes Wellness with Documentary Sponsorships

Uploaded by BCBSTX on 10.04.2012

>> Narrator: Lights… camera… action? “This program has been made possible by
a grant from Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Texas.”
>> Darren Rodgers: Well, I don’t know that we’re in the film business, but we’re
certainly in the healthy living business. We want to do anything we can to support healthy
living for our members and just for the community in general.
>> Narrator: Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Texas recently sponsored three films for public
screenings and broadcast on local television stations.
>> Dr. Eduardo Sanchez: “What we know is that health happens in places beyond the doctors’
office and hospitals. It happens where people live. It happens where people play. It happens
where people work. And by doing films, we can get messages out to folks in those places
and help affect a positive change.”
>> Narrator: The first film “When the Bough Breaks” addresses child abuse – which
can lead to a host of physical and mental health issues for children later in life – if
they survive.
>> Various News Anchors: “Police accuse an Austin woman of throwing her four year
old daughter into traffic. This all happened late yesterday afternoon at a bus stop at
the Southpark Meadow shopping center…”
“We do begin this morning with that horrific murder of an innocent little boy right here
in New York…”
“An eight day old baby girl in Arkansas is in the hospital. Forest City police say
she was raped and beaten by her own father…”
>> Joy Rauls: The documentary takes you behind the scenes. The purpose of it is to give the
average viewers who may not know how these cases get worked through the system – a
glimpse into that, what these children and families go through. And then hopefully after
folks watch the documentary, which will air nationally, it will generate a dialogue about
the issue of child abuse which sadly occurs because people are uncomfortable talking about
it and don’t want to acknowledge that it happens in their communities – which it
happens everywhere.
>> Detective Adam Perry: We’re very grateful in law enforcement to have sponsors like Blue
Cross and Blue Shield to help us and to partner – not just with law enforcement, but with
the community in general.
>> Narrator: The documentary “Feeding Minds” helps tackle the confusing relationship between
childhood hunger and obesity.
>> Suzii Paynter: A mom who wants to feed her children will buy quantity. And sometimes
the cheapest foods are the least nutritious foods.
>> Bill Ludwig: It’s not how much they’re eating; it’s the types of food that they’re
>> Narrator: Experts explain that these issues carry economic, academic, emotional and medical
costs that will only continue to rise if not addressed.
>> JC Dwyer: There’s absolutely hope in that we have the solutions that are here in
Texas in every county and statewide in order to fight the problem.
>> Eileen Garcia: But we are so enormous. We are such a huge state that to make a real
difference in local communities, we need to bring those resources back to the locals where
they can implement things well and where they know they know their own critical local challenges
and can begin to address them.
>> Narrator: The film, “Health Needs A Hero” addressed childhood obesity by following the
progress of a teenager.
>> Ashley Castoreno: My name is Ashley Castoreno. I am 19-years-old…
>> Narrator: …as she works to overcome weight challenges by focusing on nutrition, learning
to ride a bike…
>> Ashley Castoreno: I honestly never noticed that I had a weight problem…
>> Narrator: …and eventually completing a marathon.
>> Ashley Castoreno: This film encouraged all of us on many levels.
>> Dr. Eduardo Sanchez: What we need is lots of heroes. We need to shine the light on them
and let people see that it may be someone that doesn’t look like the other heroes,
but it may be someone that others can identify with and say, “I want to be like THAT hero!
>> Narrator: Film may be a new medium to reach a new audience…but the idea of building
healthier communities is still a primary goal for Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Texas.
>> Ashley Castoreno: For the first time, I understand what it means to be healthy. Not
just physically, but how you feel inside. I know that I can’t give up. I can’t help
people unless I help myself first. And that’s what I’ve done and that’s what I will
continue doing.