Reid: Republicans Protect the Rich, While Vulnerable Americans Suffer

Uploaded by SenateDemocrats on 24.06.2010

We will not have in our legislation, of course,
the estate tax,
but it appears my friends on the
other side of the aisle
are more interested in taking care of very, very rich people
than taking care of business people
and small business people
and working men and women in this country.
But I wouldn't be surprised
that you would see them offer an amendment
take care
of point old three percent
of the people in
our country
who pass away.
They will probably floundering around out there
remember they're pretty
even though the economy's gotten a little bad,
for them,
that is people who
want to take care of the rich folks,
they want
they are not satisfied with what the law used to be,
three and a half million
couples seven million.
They want five and ten at least
So we're where we are
because republicans have said no
to helping America.
It's obvious that my friend Jim DeMint who said he wanted
the health care bill to be Obama's Waterloo,
he wasn't just speaking specifically
they want everything to be Obama's Waterloo,
they will not help him in spite of the fact
the people in America are hurting really bad.