Galaxy S3 (S Voice) vs iPhone 4S (Siri)

Uploaded by RitchiesRoomTV on 01.06.2012

Hi there, we’re here today with the Galaxy S3 from Samsung, and the Apple iPhone 4S.
We’re going to compare Siri vs S Voice. (Ritchie) What’s the time?
(Siri) It’s two twenty two pm. (Ritchie) What’s the time?
(S Voice) Two twenty pm (Ritchie) What’s the weather like outside?
(Siri) Checking the weather for Ashfield. It doesn’t look so nice today through this
Wednesday. (Ritchie) What’s the weather like outside?
(S Voice) Here is the weather for Hurlstone Park, New South Wales
(Ritchie) Set the alarm for 9 am (Siri) You already have an alarm set for 9
am. I turned it on. (Ritchie) Set the alarm for 9 am.
(S Voice) Alright. This is your alarm for 9 am. should I save it?
(Ritchie) Yes. Yes. (S Voice) Okay, I’ll go ahead and save this
alarm for you. Okay, I saved it. (Ritchie) Send a message to Michael.
(Siri) Okay, I can send a text to Michael Cosmidis for you. What would you like it to
say? (Ritchie) I’m coming over soon.
(Siri) I updated your message. Ready to send it?
(Ritchie) Send. (Siri) Sorry, I didn’t get that.
(Ritchie) Send. Send. (Siri) Okay, I’ll send your message.
(Ritchie) Send a message to Michael. (S Voice) I found multiple Michaels in your
contacts. Which would you like to text? (Ritchie) Michael Cosmidis.
(S Voice) What is your message? (Ritchie) I’m coming over soon.
(S Voice) Okay here is your message. Ready to send it?
(Ritchie) Send. (S Voice) Great. Sending your message now.
Okay, I sent it. (Ritchie) How do I get to the Opera House?
(Siri) I Can only look for businesses, maps and traffic in the United States, and when
you’re using US English. Sorry about that. (Ritchie) How do I get to the Opera House?
(Google maps) At north east then turn right. So there you have it. I think it’s fair
to say that voice recognition has come a fair way since we first saw it. the big difference
here was more the fact that the Apple can’t give us directions or have any business related
questions outside of the US. But you know, overall I think that both show
extreme improvements over what we saw in the past. so feel free to share this video with
your family and friends, remember to subscribe to our youtube channel and leave your thoughts
below in the comments area. Until next time!