How to Pick-Up Chicks - Scarface (3/8) Movie CLIP (1983) HD

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This is paradise, l'm telling you.
This town like a great big pussy just waitin' to get fucked.
l'm tellin' you. l shoulda come here 1 O years ago.
l'd have been a millionaire by this time.
[ Slurping ]
Mmm. my own golfcourse.
You know what l want? l thought ofthis the other day.
A line ofbluejeans, right? With my name written on the back ofchicks' asses.
How that? Hmm?
That sound completely crazy to me, man.
Look at that. Look, look.
You're missing the sights. That's what you're doing. We're missing the action here.
i Oye! [Speaking Spanish]
You wanna have some ice cream with my friend and me?
Get lost, greaseball!
Look at that. Ice cream?
That's right. You said ice cream?
Girls like ice cream.
You can't do it that way. l'm telling you.
You know howyou pick up chicks in this county?
What the fuckwas that, whatyoujust did?
That is disgusting.
Like a bug coming out ofyour mouth.
[ Chuckles ] That figures you wouldn't understand.
But the women in this county, when you do that, they know.
They know what?
lt'll take a lot ofpractice,
butyou gotta learn, because women love when you suck the pussy.
Look at that.
i Ay, CO\code(0144)O! She lookin' at us.
[ Manny] Mira eso.
Go ahead. You think you can do it with her?
You wanna tyit with her? Whynot?
You gonna watch me? l'm lookin' atyou. Go ahead.
You're not gonna do it. Watch this.
Come on. l'm with you, man. Okay.
l'm gonna get her. l'm gonna get her.
Go ahead, Romeo! Doyour thing.
Just be quiet.Just hang back. Romeo!
You're looking vey pretty today. Yes, you. l've been watching you from over there.
You wanna see something funny? Hey, take a look over there. See that man?
Watch that guy. l gotta sit down here.
l gotta watch my friend. He gonna stick his tongue out to that girl.
LOOk at that. j Ay, CO\code(0144)O! You're sick!
You see what happened to him? Hey!
You know, ifl wasn't a nice guy, l'd crackyou.
Causing trouble like that. Come on. Bitch!
What l ty to tell you? Lesbian!
What l ty to tell you? This county, you gotta make the money first.
Then when you get the money, you get the power.
Then when you get the power, then you get the woman.
That's whyyou gotta makeyour own moves.