YouTube 101: Private Sharing

Uploaded by YouTube on 04.01.2010

YouTube 101, Private Sharing. No one is better at keeping things private than a Ninja, I'm
full grown. And I still haven't told my mother that I was born yet. That's pretty dang, sneaky.
So if you want to do from private sharing, you came to the right place, me, on YouTube.
First off, this information is private. So if there's anybody else in the room you might
want to stab them or politely ask them to leave. Your call, whichever you wanted to
do. They're gone? How gone? Blink. Now, we're starting off. First thing you have to do is
you have to sign in to your YouTube account. I do that by intimidating the keys on my keyboard.
But, that stage in you're training you had to do that would take longer than teaching
you how to do private sharing. You'll probably just want to go to the word, Sign In and sign
in. The next thing you have to do is you have to carefully sneak upon your user name on
the top right corner and hover over it. If you do that sneakily enough, a drop down menu
will appear auto-magically like a ninja. When it does, you drop down on the My Videos option
with your pointer of death, zip, clicks. Now, go to the vid that you want to share privately,
like, well, here's one of me saying, "Wow, mom. Wow." in my best robot voice backwards.
"Wow, mom. Wow." I definitely don't want to share that with too many people. So, I'm going
to click the Edit button under the vid. We are actually inside the video now. So let
everybody keep their heads on a swivel and remember the mission. Silently scroll down
to the Broadcasting and Sharing Options or they call them the BS options. What? I can't
say that? Under Privacy, very sneaky-like, select Private, viewable by up to 25 people
option. Now, you have two options here. Well, I mean, I guess actually you have dozens of
options. You can dance around in a diaper singing Dolly Parton tunes if you wanted to.
But for privately sharing a video, YouTube offers you two options here. One, generate
a unique limited access URL that can be clicked up 25 times, or option two just share with
your YouTube friends. The first one is a lot easier because you can just send the unique
URL and like an email, or an IM or something. So if you're lazy or not too bright, I suggest
that option. But, keep in the brain that the person you're sharing that video with, they
could share that video further. I know, you can get something private, but can ping in
peers you privately ping keep their pickle paper private. Now, the double secret super
secure way is to share with just your YouTube friends, but--then try and follow me on this--someone
has to actually be your YouTube friend before you can share the video with them. You can
add somebody as a friend by going to the YouTube Channel and sending them a friend request.
But, you know, keep in mind that they have to accept you and like you, and no one's really
going to do that until you update those duds and maybe start wearing feathered hair like
Jessica Mayberry, totally. Whether YouTube, the URL, or the YouTube friend options make
sure you click save click Save Changes before you finish. Saving private sharing, it's a
good movie right there. Once you do that, an email will be sent to your friends to watch
the video. If you don't do that, then all the scrolling and clicking and selecting won't
be saved. You may think that fall from one of the category of duh. But, you'd be surprised.
Once you do that, you are done. You have shared your privates. I mean, you've privately shared.
And your private videos can be shared with up to 25 other contacts, but those contacts
have to have a YouTube account. In order to view the video, which I think was the whole
purpose to begin with, try it out. The whole process takes maybe as long as it take to
secure a video to get a million views, which I think is probably a shorter amount of time
than it took to watch this video. Private Sharing.