Wasabi Mashed Potato Recipe : Ingredients for Wasabi Mashed Potatoes

Uploaded by expertvillage on 04.03.2008

Hi, this is Richard Buccola here in New York City, and today, on behalf of Expert Village,
I'm going to show you how to make wasabi mashed potatoes. All right, for these wasabi mashed
potatoes, you're going to need the following ingredients. All right, you're going to need
about five, six medium-sized potatoes. We're going to mash them down, going to peel them,
boil them in some water. I'm also going to -- when we boil our potatoes, we're just
going to throw in the whole cloves, maybe four or five cloves of garlic to boil in the
water, and we'll mash them altogether later. They need salt and pepper to taste, going
to use a little scallion today. But this is a Texas onion -- a little bigger than a scallion,
a little bit more flavorful. I love them. If you can get them, use them. If not, use
a scallion. A little onion, too, if you don't have that. We're going to use half-and-half
to give them a real creamy flavor, and we're going to use some butter -- definitely need
some butter. Now, if you don't have a wasabi sauce, you could use dried wasabi. And that's
it. I mean, it's simple ingredients with mashed potato. Listen, when I was growing up, mashed
potatoes were heaven. Wasabi, if you like, you know, sushi like I do and you like that
flavor of wasabi. It's going to be like a -- it's going to be a Sunday afternoon in
heaven, okay? That's how these -- great these things are. So get these easy ingredients,
and it's very cheap. I'm talking this is going to be a cheap one today. We're going to come
back, we're going to show you utensils. We're making wasabi mashed potaties -- mashed potatoes.
I'm getting so excited I can't even talk. Wasabi mashed potatoes here on Expert Village.