Discmania Deep in the Game: Ep 1 - Putting (Instructional Disc Golf video)

Uploaded by DiscmaniaGolfDiscs on 16.04.2012

(Avery speaking) You drive for show
and putt for dough
Putting is definitely the most difficult part of the game
but it's the most effective way to lower your score
I'm known for being a long distance thrower
and putting is not the strongest part of my game
but I'm on a mission to improve it.
The most important thing in putting is a quick hit
right at the end of the stroke that ejects the disc out of your hand
into the target. Also you have to feel that
and that's right at the end of this stroke
all the other stuff that you do - your footwork, how you move your arm,
the grip you have on your disc
is all secondary to that quick hit
that you have a feel for.
You want to learn how to make all those important putts?
Well, I'm gonna teach you how to putt like a pro.
There are many different putters to choose from
from different profiles
to different weights and different stiffnesses.
I prefer stiffer putter because it reacts cleaner out of my hand during the
I also like a heavier putter
because it哀 less affected by the wind
but the most important part in choosing a putter is how it feels in your hand
and it makes you putt with a confidence.
Now let's talk about proper putting technique and body mechanics,
most importantly the grip.
I use the fan grip
By applying pressure on top of the disc with my thumb and spread my fingers
out along the bottom of the flight plate a disc.
It offers a cleaner release and better control
next with the stance
a good balance stance and proper body positioning
I use a push putt. Square your body up to the target
It allows your body weight
to shift from back to front
as you release the disc to the target
it's important to keep your routine as simple as possible
once squared to a basket, keep on your toes it's an attack mode as you wanna make the putt
and drive the disc at the chains
You'll want to use one
forward linear motion
reduce any side-to-side motion
as you go from back to front shifting your weight, driving your shoulder
extend your arm and reach for the chains
the most crucial part of the putt is really concentrating on the hit point
the hit point is when you extend your arm forward
and let the disc spring from your fingers with a nice clean rotation
You try to minimize any kind of wrist movement or wrist curl
There is a very slight extension your wrist
as the disc comes clean from of your fingers
propelling the disc into the basket
when it comes aiming a putt it's all about hand-eye coordination. You can
either focus on one individual chain link, or the basket as a whole
But you wanna visualize making the putt even before releasing it
because you got to remember that the disc goes where the hand goes.
One mantra i would say to myself while putting is "putt through it, not to it"
It's also important to find our rhythm and you can find this rhythm through practice
here's a couple tips to help you with your putting
Raise your chin. It elevates your line of sight and helps reduce low putts
also by lifting your back leg, it helps to get maximum extension as you reach
for the chains
Putting is the most important component of disc golf. It will lower your scores
and practice putting will only make you a better player
I suggest when practicing you keep close to the basket, practicing ten to fifteen,
even twenty-footers
making these in consistent basis will help you win almost any tournament out there
and that was a push putt
there's also another main style of putting isn't that right Jussi?
-Correct Avery
a spin putt.
Instead of pushing the disc forward I匍 spinning it. That gives me a couple of
advantages over the push putt. The first is putting in the wind. I can get more
stable putts into the wind. Another thing is putting from a distance. I can get my
putts in from a longer distance.
for my spin putts I匍 using the Discmania D-line P2
I like a little softer and grippier plastic to get an ultimate touch to my
putts. I like the profile of the P2 because it's more beefier than the P1
and it gives me good confidence on putting
there is a lot of factors at the golf course that effects to your play and
the biggest factor is the wind, specially on putting
you need to learn how to putt into the wind,
down with the wind and in a cross wind
here are a couple of good and useful tips for putting in the wind: Use
maximum weight discs. They're less effected by the wind. Don't change your
routine, change your aim and quickness.
use more spin because the spin penetrates the wind better
remember not to allow the wind to catch your disc.
if there's tail wind that drops your disc, aim higher
if there's headwind that will lift your discs, aim lower
but remember playing in the wind also requires a good head game
sometimes you just need to lay up and take your par or bogey
you need to commit to your putt, putt with confidence
90% commitment equals only 10% result.
three key points of putting:
1. simple routine -
build a routine that works for you that you can replicate over and over
it's important to find a comfortable rhytm and pace trhoughout the putting
2. execute -
concentrate and show full commitment to making every putt
confidence is key
3. practise -
practise short putts as well as long ones
practice no more than 30 minutes a day
to maintain dedicated focus
putting was the key component for me in becoming the world champion
you need to have confidence
and dedicate practice time
to become a better putter.