Ancient Nebesheh, Tell el-Faraun, Egypt

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Ancient Nebesheh, the modern Tell el-Faraun, is situated in the eastern Delta of Egypt
Excavated and published by W.M.F. Petrie at the end of the 19th c. (1886/88)
The arcitectural reconstruction was made by using the published town plan
and the discription of the architectural remains excavatetd by Petrie's team.
Surrounded by walls a number of large single enclosures can be identified
including massive brick structures (6x10 m, 7x12 m) witch presumably were the foundations of tower like houses.
The town was not surrounded by a fortification wall
but it looks that those large enclosures were the protected areas of families
and the tower houses could be used for accomodation (see donjon, keep).
Castle like houses of the noble families of a town we know from medieavel times in Europe also.
The question for Nebesheh is: are those tower houses real fortifications or only symbolic signs of power?