Professional Window Cleaning Tips : How to Use Window Cleaning Towels

Uploaded by expertvillage on 10.04.2008

Hey everybody, Tanner Falcon back here for Dave Tanner's Window Washing on behalf of
expertvillage. com. I want to talk a little about towel work. I use an OR scrub towel.
Now a big misconception about towels is why don't you use a sham like you do on a car?
Well, I'm not using the towel to actually dry the window, I'm using the towel to get
the water off of the edges. These have little small microfibers that are very very very
very good at soaking up blood in an OR room. They get water off a window like no other.
Now some argue that terry cloth is better. I would disagree but see which one works for
you. These are harder to get. You can get these at windows101. com in a value pack or
if you know your mom's a nurse or something like that, you can get a whole surplus of
these, depends where you want to go. Basically, I also want to have, this is a throw towel,
this is for the inside of a house underneath a window where there's very very very nice
hardwood floor or a carpet. You want to throw this underneath your window. You can use a
bedspread or regular linen towel like this. You want to make sure that these get up against
the wall and all the floor is covered where you might be scared that you might drip some
water onto. If you don't want to mess up your hardwood floor, I highly suggest that you
get one of these 'cause water does hurt wood. These, you're going to need three of these
towels on you at all times. One to wash the windows with and the other is to dry your
blade, your squeegee blade, because you need a dry squeegee blade every time that you wipe.
So that's all there is about the towels, you just make sure that you have a lot of them
and that they're all clean.