IAMUWM: Rob Jeter

Uploaded by uwmnews on 31.01.2012

I grew up on the south side of Chicago. If you walked right out the backdoor, we had
a hoop in our backyard.
My dad, Bob Jeter, played football for the Green Bay Packers and the Chicago Bears. Thats
how we grew up in Chicago, but actually were Packers fans
But, basketball was the one sport that I really loved and I really excelled at. Ive been playing
since fifth grade; played college at UW-Platteville, and now Ive been coaching. Cant get enough
of it, I guess.
As a player, when youre playing, its fun; its exciting to get after it and compete.
Now, as a coach youre competing in a much different way: youre really trying to get
your guys to buy in, to become better men and become better basketball players.
As much as I might try to leave some of the things that might happen at a game or at practice,
my son Robert is always there to ask me something about the game.
We represent Milwaukee and we have that Milwaukee cross to our chest. A lot of people feel good
about a win and feel just as bad as we do when we lose. We have to make sure that we
go out there and just give it everything that we have and play our best.