My Australia: Episode 11 - Part 3

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Hi, excuse me. Have you ever been sky diving?
Yes, I have.
Oh yeah? What was it like?
Um, it was awesome, jumping off a plane.
Have you ever been skydiving?
Uh, no.
No, I havenít.
Okay, why not?
Iím a little bit scared of heights so itís never really interested me.
What about you?
Um, Iím pretty sure I would yack my guts up.
Have you ever been skydiving?
No Iíve never been but Iíve always wanted to go.
Someone would have to push me.
I think I was pushed out because I was a little bit scared to jump out so I had to go because
there were a few people behind me.
No I havenít.
Why not?
I prefer my feet on the ground.
Iím an adrenalin junkie so I reckon that would be like the best thing for me.
Always been afraid of heights and it was just one of the best things Iíve ever done.
Itís one of those once in a lifetime experiences.
Itís uh ... I mean itís a feeling that you canít get doing anything else.
Itís as close as you can get to flying and thatíd be cool.
Awesome, thatís great. Thank you very much.
Well, Iíve been skydiving and itís absolutely terrifying when you sit on the edge of the
plane door and lean out past the point of no return.
Letís see how Preeti handles it.
My name is Preeti and originally, I am from India.
My state is Punjab. That is at the north part of India.
We have a little family like me, my mother and my father and my younger brother.
It was only my mother who brought us up.
Sheís my idol and she is the bravest lady on Earth I have ever seen.
Being an Indian girl, you donít have any other concern except your husband.
Your family wants you to go away with your husband wherever he takes you.
So far I have experienced all the good things in Australia because people, they are fabulous,
they are friendly.
They donít have that feeling like youíre from other country, youíre alien to us or
something like that.
They are very supportive, co-operative but you have to initiate yourself, you know. You
have to make friends.
Today we are going for the skydiving thing.
Iím not sure I will jump, you know.
I can't jump couple of stairs and now Iíll be jumping from 10,000 feet high.
Oh My God. With no rope at all and a person tied to me.
That is going to be a good experience and I donít know. I donít know.
Oh, hi.
How you going?
Are you Alana right?
Yes, Iím Alana. Nice to meet you.
Nice to meet you too.
Okay, what weíll do is weíre gonna start with your paperwork first.
Okay, cool.
This form here is your indemnity form.
You are ... really what weíre explaining to you is that parachuting is a dangerous
Oh, okay.
And we have explained that to you.
I have little idea about that.
Weíll take great care of you I promise.
Oh, so sweet of you.
But we still need to explain to you so that youíre quite aware that it can be a dangerous
Okay. Cool.
Oh My God!
Oh My God!
I didnít expect it to be that high.
Oh My God! Iím going home, Iím going home. Oh My God!
I can't jump.
Preeti is it?
Yes, it is.
Iím Adam. How you going?
Nice to meet you.
Iím good. Same here.
Weíre gonna get you in harness, then Iíll give you a quick briefing.
And then weíll go and throw ourselves at the planet.
Now, weíll freefall for about 35 seconds.
And then Iíll open the parachute.
Now, I can't talk to you in freefall.
Weíll be doing about 200 kilometres an hour.
Alright, so itís a bit noisy.
So the only signals youíre going to get in freefall is a tap on the shoulders, bring
your arms out.
Iím walking on moon.
So you nervous?
I am. Okay just come over this way, away from the propeller of the aeroplane.
I think sheíll go okay. We donít disappoint many people.
Most people enjoy it and even though sheís a little bit nervous I think weíll be okay.
You have a great jump, and Iíll see you outside alright?
Okay. No worries.
Weather came in on us because thereís a front coming through.
Itís got lightning in it and the cloud has come over and weíre not allowed to jump through
So itís not safe so weíre bringing them back down.
What happened guys?
Oh, the weather beat us unfortunately the cloudís too thick.
We couldnít get out of it so weíre not allowed to jump through it so we had to come down
What happens now?
Well, we can wait for the weather. Weíll probably go on a weather hold now and wait
until the weather clears.
And if it doesnít clear then itíll be beer oíclock.
So here we are again.
We couldnít finish last week because of weather.
The weatherís not very friendly today as well but enough for us to jump and I hope
and have finger crossed Iíll be jumping today guys.
Pray for me.
Itís too high, very, very high.
Whereís he?
Oh My God.
Ready to go?
Alright, a big smile for the camera. Alright.
It was just fraction of some seconds.
He said, ëPut your left leg out,í and I thought, ëIím not prepared. No way leg out.í
And first thought I intend to stop myself and then I pushed myself out so that I can
Oh god.
How was that Preeti?
That was fantastic!
Woo hoo.
It was fantastic and specially when he gave me the steering things, you know,
ëNow you are in charge. You can steer the parachute.í
Now Preeti, youíre in charge.
No, no, no, no, no, donít tell me.
When he moved the steering when we turn like this and like that, that was the most dangerous
thing, you know.
If youíre coming down stable you will see everything.
Ah this is beautiful but when we are doing this
Aaaaahh! Then this.
Oh My God.
Adam, Adam, Adam, Adam, Adam, Adam, Adam. Please hold them, please hold them.
No, itís alright.
I can get hold of them. If you let go I can get hold of them, donít worry, okay.
Iíve got this one.
The parachuteís open.
Oh My God.
This is beautiful. Just beautiful.
Yippee. Look at the tiny little people.
At least now I can see tiny little people.
Okay, pull those legs up for me Preeti.
Feet right out in front, lift, straighten your legs out in front.
Thatís great. Okay.
There we go.
That was good, that was fantastic.
I really had fun.
Well done, you did a great job.
Ah, yes.
And I think you enjoyed it didnít you?
I did. I really did.
What was the best part?
The best part, when we were falling down without the opened parachute.
That was fantastic.
I enjoyed it. It was good.
Great job, another hug.
Thank you so much Adam.
Well done, cool.
Great job Preeti.
I think you can tell by Preetiís reaction that she really enjoyed that.
Time for me to jump out of here. Hereís whatís coming up next week.
Faye joins a group orienteering in Melbourne,
Ken goes to the Adelaide Cup and learns about gambling
and Akki meets some dangerous animals at a wildlife park.
See you then.