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Oh, I feel sick.
Hey, guys.
Wait. I’m scared.
I’m scared of him.
Let’s go. You.
Chowon. Good girl.
Chowon, sit.
- She sat? - She sat.
Do you hear this?
No, I don’t.
Dinner is almost ready? We’ll be right there.
What’s wrong with your voice.
She hung up.
Then, let’s hurry and eat.
And go.
When you do the talking take your time.
So people will get curious.
Moving 2NE1's home 10. 20. 2010
Moving day is a fun day.
So happy that I even forgot so what I heard it, kya.
Decided to move to a new place with better interior!
We will begin the moving.
Bom went home again. To get her things.
Make-up, healthy food.
Waste basket is heavy.
Diet shoes.
Our fans make our pictures into an album.
Oh, our Me Today is all here. Dara taking out the precious gift from their fans
09. 06. 2009
Oh, our childish Minzy.
- Oops. - Yikes.
Wow, this is the power of Minzy’s butt.
Why are you bringing your frog husband?
My husband. My husband.
YG, Park Bom brought her husband to our home.
I’m going to put this into the YG’s box.
- Yikes, why? - So he can get mad.
Oh, my God.
I’m sorry, YG. I give you too much trouble.
They say that a big person makes a lot of trouble.
Please trust me on that. I’ll do better.
- Let’s go. - To see our new home.
2NE1 finally leaving to see their new home~
And one person is left behind...
Where did you get this?
My room. My room. My room.
This is my room. So cozy.
This is my room.
Why did you do that there? Connected room is my room.
Because this is your room it’s connected.
Change it (room). To driver Kim’s room.
- No. - Driver Kim’s room.
Hey, you’re so funny.
- Good. Minzy’s room. - My room.
Oh, my God.
Hey, I think your room’s better. No?
You lied to me. You checked it out first.
No, I didn’t check it out.
This is totally wrong. Choose rooms again.
Change it.
We only got one dresser here. The good one.
- You have three? - No, I have two rooms.
Bom, you’ll get a closet here, too.
I can use it for dress room.
Then I have to share bathroom with Bom?
Oh, I’m screwed, too.
But I think it’s better.
Cuz I can just lock the door now.
Bom, can you not use that room?
You use it there.
Selection of room selection finally done through discussion!
I really like Bom.
This is the sound of choosing her room.
I don’t know if I’m happy or not.
CL, we can’t live without Dara, right?
We have to protect her, right?
Of course.
- I’m going to that corner room. - Right.
I have to protect the room from the end. Cuz I’m the leader.
- Girls. - Yes.
Since we’re done choosing the room, let's think what you need.
Oh, Dara, thank you so much.
YG, thank you.
Now, I’ll do the celebration concert. Dara with her guitar.
You never used it since you bought it.
Because I got sick after I bought it that I missed my lessons.
I put up this room for rent.
Don’t worry about me and go away.
My mom bought me this.
Minzy puts the plants her mother bought her by the window
It’s little dark in color. Maybe I didn’t water them.
The water’s leaking.
Isn’t it pretty?
My things are bigger than the room.
This makes no sense.
Oh, my God. She’s sleeping somewhere. The room is like full full.
Park Bom, where are you? Park Bom.
Where did she go?
Oh, put my things in that room.
- Two, both? - Yes.
It’s dirty.
- Dara - Yeah.
I think we can order lunch now.
I’ll have the black bean noodle.
My dark circles are covering my face.
Oh, it’s funny.
I don’t know.
Is food coming? Is it here?
Minzy finding out the furniture they need
I’m writing down what we need to buy.
When we go in front of YG, we forget.
My room will be green or light green mixed with white.
I think it will be very fresh CL’s room.
That evening, 2NE1 arrives at the interior decorating place
Interior decorating shot 10. 20. 2010
Pick anything you want.
What do we pick?
Bed, furniture, everything.
I’m neat.
I want the basket.
You have to be considerate.
This is me.
- Choose the sofa first. - sofa?
This all?
Yup, I think this is pretty.
This and this set. I think the set is pretty.
- in the living room. - We have TV to put.
Is this is too big?
I want this.
What should we do for the dining table?
How about this?
- Oh, the color is really. - Let’s ask them.
It’s too hard.
- Hello. - Hello. YG visiting the shop then
Pick anything you want. I don’t care if you pick all of them.
I want to buy this, too. Big William mirror. Will.i.am.
Big Will.i.am mirror.
- Hello. - Did you pick?
Yes, we are doing that.
The limit is 100 dollars.
We’re screwed now.
I can’t even buy a piece of that bookshelf.
We did the interior of the house. but no furniture.
I want to buy them the basics like sofa and bed.
I wish they find something they like.
We need something big like this, right.
I think this is good. Two of these.
Just pick what you like. Don’t try to pick only from here.
We can go somewhere else for others.
Dara, you are getting (princess) bed. Princess bed.
Everyone’s against it.
No one wants it only you. That’s not you (CL).
I want this. I want this.
I don’t want to hang out with you.
Why do you keep changing your mind how about the bed?
This for the bed.
Especially with the girls. since we got more than in the past.
I want to be nice to 2NE1.
Minzy likes rather pretty things. like princess.
I like it here.
No, I saw this (design) somewhere.
I wanted to have one.
When you see Bom’s blanket and stuff
more than the design, she likes what feels good.
Oh, I like it. Then, I’ll take this bed.
Just this one. Let me have it now.
This is perfect. That is you.
I like it. Yes.
- Wow, a bear lamp. - Wow, this one.
It’s not for sale. I want this now.
I’ll buy this so give me my breakfast here.
- Make you breakfast? - Yeah.
I’ll buy this.
This is what you do with it.
You are sick.
Queen’s dining table.
I’ve prepared meat for you.
- Bingo. - What did you get?
- Frying pan? - No.
- Are you done shopping? - Yes.
You come back together later.
Except for what you picked out today.
You can take whatever you need now.
We got new furniture.
YG came for a change. and picked this out with us?
Thank you. We’ll work hard.
Hey, Mickey. You are cute.
After shopping Minzy and Bom came food shopping
We came to buy refrigerator and other things we need.
This is all we did today. But it’s fun.
Like me.
Conditioner, treatment, soap.
First place.
Look at this.
This’ll take long. Got to hurry.
Me too.
I think this is good for today.
We bought a lot.
Checking out the shopped items!
Oh, that doll. The doll.
Late at night Bom and Minzy’s shopping complete!
'Slow' M/V recording 10. 25. 2010
We are here to film our music video.
'Slow' music video.
With and fairy concept.
It looks funny.
The nails.
It’s like we’re casted for the horror movie.
Sing well, woman. What horror movie.
It looks poor for some reason.
You are poor and the guy is rich but he came to you.
He’s having an affair with you.
Then what happens to her?
She’s just sister-in-law.
Oh, well.
And my boyfriend went to the rich woman cuz I’m poor.
- You stole my boyfriend. - Bad person.
No, I’m your sister.
Don’t do that.
- You’re rich, too. - Then, how about Bom?
Bom is a witch who’s watching all this and enjoying.
She’s the Chinese witch who changed the man’s mind.
Oh, she’s important. Come here.
You fell in love with my rich boyfriend.
And this (CL) is younger sister-in-law.
She’s Chinese witch.
The man’s heart
Then the people will look at me strange.
I didn’t do it.
You make no sense.
Leave me alone. I’m AB blood type.
Finally, the filming of the music video begins~
If you say it in Chinese, I’ll lip sing.
Pong Sang Shoong Pong Sang Shoong
- Oh, good. - Pong Sang Shoong~
Until here. Pong Sang~ begin.
Pong Sang Shoong
I’ve prepared it.
If you look at the back of my head, it’s a peanut.
Peanut color, too.
I think I should wash with that. With scrub.
Wash the dishes.
I had treatment on this hair 100 times.
Got it done at the shop.
You’re like Hagrid.
Hold my hair and climb up, prince.
When you play card, a light shines.
The one with the umbrella.
No, so many people look like Bom.
Is this the end.
You look slightly like a Hong Kong grandma.
You & I Chinese version begins.
Pong Sang Shoong Pong Sang Shoong
The clothes funny too in Chinese style.
Narration narration.
Never let's go
I’m trying to advertise 2NE1 TV.
I got it on the TV. It came out like that.
After the practice, 2NE1 starts second filming
She laughs every time she sees me.
Strange. I must look funny. She laughs every time she sees me.
So CL comes out a little.
Don’t move, Bom.
Suddenly, Bom bursts out like that.
Doing something else
I didn’t know it was this image.
Buy matches.
Show me (the camera).
Wow. Good. It’s pretty. It will come out, right?
Got the know-how?
I’m sorry but I turned this off.
Oh, sexy. Her life is sexy.
Her life is natural. Natural charisma.
I think it’s really funny.
I think it’s the imagining scene.
Dancing happily with a man.
It’s fortunate that they sleeping right now.
I can film it easily. Or they will make a carrousel.
Don’t you like it?
I sent a message to YG.
Saying what?
That I hit because I couldn’t hug. So what should I do.
Tear only comes out once but my nose keeps running.
Dara’s amazing crying act
(Before debut) we were trying to come up with our group name.
YG called CL.
What do you girls want?
So we thought about it and liked the name of Juice.
Color and feeling is fresh but feels plump.
So we told YG ‘Juicy’ and he asked what does it mean?
Plump or something like that. And he said
Then CL’s legs are plump.
And Minzy her butt.
And Bom her tummy?
We had such episode.
So we laughed like crazy that I have a plump tummy.
He had a close watch on me.
Members getting the eyes shut after filming till late~
Good job.
Nice work. If I take off my wig now?
Nice work.
Let’s go.
Wow, I’m going to get burn.
Take it with you.
Am I cute?
A text came from YG this morning...
Wow, good.
I honestly paid for it.
It was stuck here. I cut it with scissors and it’s making sound.
How do I break it?
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