Macrobiotic Cooking & Recipes : Making a Blanch Salad for Macrobiotics Cooking

Uploaded by expertvillage on 09.11.2007

Hi I'm Christy Morgan for Expert Village I'm going to show you how to make a blanch salad.
I'm using kelp, carrots, and I'm going to sprinkle some curry on it. For the kelp I
have already washed this kelp. I'm going to be sure to tuck my fingers back so I'm not
chopping them off and for the stream part cut that part a little bit center because
it takes a little longer for the stems to cook. As I move up the kelp I'm going to cut
them in bigger slices. So I have my kelp. For the carrots you can dice it or I like
to do it on the diagonal. There is a lot of different ways you can cut your veggies. You
could do carrots flowers, you could also Julian them, you could change up the different ways
of cutting to make a beautiful salad. So I have a pot of boiling water here. I added
about 2 cups of water. You want to add these vegetables to a rolling boil and I'm going
to use my skimmer which I should you earlier. I'm going to let these boil for maybe about
10-20 seconds. I have here a glass bowl and then a collinear so that when I pull these
veggies out the water would drain through there. Next I'm going to add my kelp needs
to take a little longer in cooking maybe about 30 seconds. It depends on what vegetable you
are using that would determine for your boiling time. So we are going to let that boil. Then
I'm going to pull it out. This is a very easy way to cook your veggies and since it is a
quick blanch you are holding all the nutrients into the vegetables that you are getting more
out of it.