Vyacheslav Senchenko vs Saul Alvares .

Uploaded by UnionBoxingPromotion on 28.12.2010

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Company Union Boxing Promotion carries on now negotiations with the European and American
promoters concerning fight carrying out for a title of the World champion under version
WBA.\par \par
In the list of probable applicants for a world crown which Vyacheslav Senchenko, three boxers
possesses: Sulejman Mbaje (France) \endash the official applicant, Matthew Hatton (England)
and Saul Alvares (Mexico). \par \par
The American channel HBO and the Internet edition {\field{\*\fldinst{HYPERLINK "www.boxingscene.com"}}{\fldrslt{\ul\cf1
www.boxingscene.com}}}\f0\fs22 afford liberties and groundless statements that fight of Senchenko
\endash Alvares will take place in March in America and the contract sum makes 250 thousand
dollars (thus only one preparation of our sportsmen in America will cost about 100 thousand
dollars). This information is proved by nothing also it it is possible to name "duck" of the
American sport technologists. At the same time the Ukrainian editions it is live pick
up intriguing information and extend it among our Ukrainian audience instead of lifting
national gains of the Ukrainian professional boxing. Our mass-media accept game rules of
our contenders. \par \par
Conversations go that the company has sold a belt for 250 thousand dollars. It is deliberate
lie. We will make all that the belt remained in Ukraine. Vyacheslav Senchenko won three
times and defended a rank of the World champion under version WBA, it is ready to fight with
any contender in an every spot on the globe. \par
\par Dmitry Yeliseyev: \'abI don't know who such
correspondent Nik Gonzales. I talked to Diego Martinezom \endash the correspondent of the
Mexican newspaper\'ab Reform \'bb, it has set two questions: whether there is a contact
to representatives of Alvaresa and whether can Senchenko take off in case of contract
signing on fight for America. About any sums we didn't talk. Most likely, interest is shown
by the American side. But their arguments aren't convincing. Channel HBO together with
De La Hojja can will spend fight in March, but it will be fight not for a rank of the
World champion under version WBA\'bb.\par }