Am I following 811rv diet?

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The lighting is totally ridiculous... but... who cares?
Yeah, I started this raw food diet... before even the "30 bananas a day" existed... Before
durianrider was... trolling that much! Ha ha ha!
I mean I've been following this fruitarian 801010 diet for quite a while, you know, 7
years is quite a while... 7 years... I gave it a really good shot... I mean I've tested
this diet for quite a while and... I mean, look...
I had acne... And I still have it by the way... It's just not as bad... You know, it's just
not something that you can get easily rid off... I mean you can improve it but it's
not like you can cure it 100%. Man, this shit takes a while...
I don't know... so what can I say about my experience on the raw food diet... I guess
I naturally fell into the 801010 because I wasn't eating... nuts basically... Because
if you don't eat nuts and you're a raw foodist - you're pretty much on 801010, or rather
even... you eat like 90% of calories from carbs...
I can relate to a lot if stuff I see on the "30 bananas a day sucks" site... Yeah I can
relate to pretty much all of that stuff. I think this diet is great in the short term...
even for up to 5 years, I guess... it's fine... I mean it depends really on the person...
I guess I'm just the kind of person that does really well on the diet but... maybe I'm a
person who does pretty well on any kind of diet.
I mean humans do well on pretty much anything anyway... We're not just some species which
eat some sort of a certain limited diet, we just eat pretty much anything... I don't know...
I see all of those posts... even on "30 bananas a day sucks" site... I just want to say, yeah,
I can relate to a lot of suff.
This whole diet has a lot to do with self deception. There is a lot of self deception
there. Because you're not looking objectively at things...
I mean... it's ok to try to follow a fruitarian diet... I mean... it's going to even be healthy
for a period of time. In my opinion, you know... maybe I'm wrong.
You don't really have to eat a lot of stuff... I mean you could get away without even eating
essential nutrients for quite a long time... before you run out of stored reserves... and
what not... so...
You can do well on the diet for maybe up to 10 years even... Who knows, you know...
What I do think is that even if you could do this diet for your whole life and do fine
in terms of health... I do think that it's just not worth it basically... Because you
could still be healthy with a much more varied diet... How would you spell it? I'm not sure
I spell this word correctly.
You can eat cooked food, of course, you can eat... even junk food, you know, every once
in a while... Even though it's tricky... As long as you do it every once in a blue moon
or something... I don't know... I mean... the body can deal with lots of things...
Now... I'm not following this diet at all... I still eat fruit as a staple... but... I
can eat anything really... Just something that I wanted to kinda point out.
This 801010 fruitarian diet... I mean, yeah, it's not really worth it... to follow such
a restricted diet... All pros and cons - in my opinion it's just not worth... But... I
mean it's such a high maintenance diet... And it's so restricted... And all that...
Very hard... Well it's very expensive, as long as you want to eat something other than
bananas all the time... It's a very fucking expensive diet and it's not even all that
tasty... For example, I live in Moscow... Probably you could eat in restaurants everyday...
Or you can eat crappy fruit! Ha ha ha!
You get very little bang for the buck... And you get pretty crappy taste... It is not a
very enjoyable way to eat... And socially it's just... ridiculous... And all that...
It's not the best diet, you know. There's no such thing as the best diet. It just doesn't
really make sense to me anymore... I mean eating ONLY fruit...
Humans have never been vegan... I mean... you could say that: "ok, we haven't been vegan
but we can become vegan now" Ok, maybe we can become vegan now... But there's
a good chance that the body pretty much started relying on at lest some animal products, because
animal products have been always in the diet the body got dependent on at least some slight
amount of something, it's very likely, you know... And if you exclude all animal products
completely from the diet - it's very likely that you're going to miss some nutrients.
It's not like you're going to die, obviously, but for optimal health... it's very likely
that we need some animal products...
And I think, yeah, you could do well with very little amount. I mean... I've been vegan
for 7 years so obviously can do well with very little amount of animal products.
And you get that... After following this for such a long period of time... I mean look
you could follow it for a year and you could still say "I'm detoxing" and what not... and
so on... You can keep saying "I'm detoxing, my body is still rebuilding" and all that...
but after you've been following it for 7 years and you see that your health actually declines...
I mean... it's not like it dramatically declines... I mean I started getting teeth issues, my
acne never really healed 100%. So it's not a perfect diet, you know... It's not perfect...
And what's the most important thing - it's not giving you any real advantage over...
When you look around and you see lots of successful people and they don't really give a fuck about
what they eat... And you kind of start questioning things... You know... What the fuck? If it's
really the best diet - then I should become a superman or something... But I don't...
I'm just an average guy... And the health kinda actually declines... Then you start
questioning things... I mean REALLY questioning things...
And all I can say is that, yeah, fruit is great... You have to eat all this fucking
fruit all the time! Ha ha ha!
So it's not really efficient for just getting things done... it gets in the way ...and it's
not really worth it. So... That's an honest review of the diet...
The diet is great... For a period of time... I mean, look... If you really like fruit...
As long as you don't plan to eat fruit... ONLY fruit for the rest of your life...
It is also a dangerous diet in a way that... it can actually give you an eating disorder...
If you're going to but into the whole mentality of... everything is toxic, cooked food is
poison... and all that..
So it's a very complex actually topic... You can't really say that the diet is great or
that the diet sucks... Whatever... But...
Ha ha ha!
But my main point is that it doesn't have to be an overly restricted 801010 raw fruitarian
diet, you know... And it's probably actually... if you're just going to be following the overly
restricted version of raw vegan 801010 diet and beat yourself up whenever you slip up
and what not... It probably going to give you less than great health...
You can look at Douglas Graham, you can look at durianrider... I mean, look and see - all
those long term fruitarians don't really look great... I haven't seen any really long term
fruitarian that looks healthy actually... So... That says quite a bit about the diet...
And I don't know maybe it's not even related to the diet... Who knows!