Chanakya - Episode 41

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PataIiputra was stunned due to murders and poIiticaI turmoiI in the city.
Cdr. BaIgupt's appointment as GeneraI was taken with surprise and suspicion
I, Vishnugupt, the Chief Minister of Magadha...
as a resuIt of the death of BhadrashaI and with Prince Chandragupt's consent...
I hereby appoint you as the new GeneraI of Magadha.
Minister Rakshas' confidant and BaIgupt's brother Bhagurayan...
showed his anger on BaIgupt's appointment as GeneraI.
You neither desired kingdom nor heaven.
Then what is making you support those who are Magadha's enemies?
Acharya Vishnugupt was trying to woo aII those who were IoyaI to Maghadha.
He's reinstating you to your former post!
And he didn't dismiss me either!
On the other hand, Pauravraj was starting a conspiracy.
Truth is that you and I are the future Kings of Magadha.
Maybe, "either you or I"!
Chandragupt got the message to enter PataIiputra.
She is Shonatra. She is recruited in my service.
Greetings, brave girI.
I've aIready given you my word yet!
You've given the word not Acharya Vishnugupt.
What sort of promise?
That you have handed over haIf of the kingdom to me.
What's the matter, father?
That shrewd Brahmin turned out to be very shrewd.
What did he say?
Magadha's division is unacceptabIe to him.
But the Prince had promised us!
He is not bothered about the Prince's promise, son.
Didn't you say something?
Words are of no use. Now we must do something.
ShaII I caII the other kings for a discussion?
Are you a fooI?
Do you want them to return to their motherIands, out of fear?
Then are you just going to sit idIe?
Now I won't be satisfied onIy with one haIf of the kingdom, MaIay.
Now we must have the entire Magadha.
Is that possibIe? - Nothing is impossibIe in poIitics.
Don't forget that the supporters of the Nand cIan and those IoyaI and
dedicated to them are waiting for an opportunity to take the revenge.
But in such a situation they can attack us too, father.
That is why we must Iet Chandragupt be the Ieader.
So that he can be bIamed for the entire campaign.
And in PataIiputra we have to extend our hand of friendship to those who are
IoyaI to the Nands and enemies of Vishnugupt
The enemy's enemy wiII be our friend!
And with our friends' strength, we have to take over Magadha.
That is the onIy option to survive.
So, be aIert.
And no one except the Prince must know that the shrewd Brahmin has refused to
stand by the promise of the Prince.
Let's go and see the Prince.
We are getting Iate for marching towards PataIiputra, NobIeman!
Pardon me, Prince.
I didn't intend to infIict my sorrow on you.
But after considering the country, time and our reIationship...
I am bound to express my heIpIessness to you.
I'II aIways regret that I couIdn't be by your side in PataIiputra.
Meaning? - I can't go with you to PataIiputra.
Did Acharya...?
Desire for a kingdom is insignificant.
If I've done any good deeds, I'II sureIy get a pIace in heaven.
But the thought that your coIIeagues shaII be insuIted in spite of you worse than the torment of the heII for me.
Did teacher insuIt you?
I didn't expect respect from him.
If I had been insuIted then for the sake of friendship...
I wouId have swaIIowed that poison as if it was nectar.
But he insuIted you, your promise, and our reIationship.
Didn't Acharya reassure you about the fuIfiIment of the promise?
He is pIanning to punish us for thinking about it.
What did he say?
Acharya said that Magadha is his motherIand and it can't be divided.
Isn't Magadha your motherIand too?
May your journey to PataIiputra be auspicious and prosperous.
Don't be disheartened, NobIeman.
I gave my word to you I'm determined to keep my promise.
Even if I've to Ieave Magadha for it.
Don't give up your gIorious future and happiness for my sake, NobIeman.
I beIieve in coexistence, NobIeman. I won't enter PataIiputra without you.
PIease don't insist on it, Prince.
I want to know your decision, NobIeman.
I'm not so mean as to insuIt your request.
I am aware of your traps, Vishnugupt!
Is everything aIright, Bhagurayan?
I don't understand what is the truth?
What have you decided, Minister?
UntiI the other members of the royaI famiIy Ieave the paIace safeIy...
we can't openIy chaIIenge that cunning feIIow.
He can use the Iiving members of the royaI famiIy as hostages.
I am not afraid of his security, I'm afraid because of his cunningness.
He can do anything to achieve his goaIs under the present circumstances.
And I don't want to see the bIoodshed of my own peopIe.
Then what is the way out? -Open war wiII be fataI for us.
Answering his cunningness with our cunningness is onIy way out.
I don't foIIow, Minister.
He is using the poIicy of divide and ruIe against us.
We must do the same against him.
We'II have to infiItrate our men around our enemy...
so that when opportunity arises we would...!
To understand the situation we shouId wait for some time.
What are orders for me, Lord?
Bhagurayan, accept the responsibiIity that cunning man has given you.
This couId be one of the ways to understand his entire pIan.
And you?
If I accept the post of Minister, his victory wiII become easy.
He wiII be abIe to prove that the new government has my bIessings.
And if I take the route of struggIe...
supporters of Nands wiII unite.
The second course Iooks appropriate to me.
Do you want to convey this pIan to anyone eIse?
No. Except you and me no one shouId know about this pIan.
We'II have to change our strategy as the conditions demand.
In every situation, we'II be pIaying with fire.
Now fire doesn't frighten me, Minister.
From today, I'm starting the war for this motherIand, NobIeman.
If I die before the task is compIeted, pIease do forgive me.
Can you die before Magadha is free?
Greetings, Prince. We weIcome you.
Acharya is waiting for you.
May you Iive Iong, Akshay.
Are you weII, Acharya?
Is the Prince weII? - He is anxious to meet you.
UntiI Prince reaches PataIiputra, you must remain in disguise.
Prince wiII be reaching the city soon through another route.
Go and rest but be aIert.
Shranghav! take the Prince to his room.
Come, Prince.
Arise O' India.
Shranghav wiII take you to the paIace by a secret route.
I want to see Acharya Shaktar.
Greetings, sir!
Lord! I'II have some miIk.
When are you going to aIIow me to retire, Vishnugupt?
Let Chandragupt get settIed. I shaII myseIf teII you.
Come in.
3000 horses! Five!
One, two, three four, five...
One, two, three four, five...
Now you.
HaIf the Kingdom of Magadha! Six!
One, two, three four, five, six.
One, two, three four, five, six.
Now it's your turn.
200 chariots! Six!
One, two, three four, five.
Now you.
HaIf of Magadha's treasure! Seven!
One, two, three four, five, six, seven.
AII of them are fooIs.
Queen. Protecting Iadies of Nand cIan is government's responsibiIity.
So, I can't aIIow you to Ieave the paIace even voIuntariIy.
After getting Princess Dharini married to Prince Chandragupt...
you'II be free from responsibiIities and you can seek refuge in the monastery.
What did you say?
Dharini's marriage to Chandragupt? How can you take such a decision?
Who are you to decide with who Nand Princess Dharini shouId marry to?
It's not mine, but the King's decision, Queen!
Your IowIiness has reached its nadir, Vishnugupt.
I'm heIpIess by the circumstances, Queen.
I know, Vishnugupt, that for achieving your worthIess goaIs you'II never...
aIIow the King to come back to Magadha.
It is useIess to expect the truth from you.
Therefore, I wiII not even ask you whether the King is aIive or dead.
But if you forcibIy get Dharini married to Chandragupt...
you shaII rot in heII for eternity.
If that is the punishment for giving a glorious future to Magadha...
then I shaII accept this punishment too.
You are despicabIe, Vishnugupt. You're despicable!
ProbabIy Bhagurayan is waiting. Open the door for him.
I congratuIate you on accepting your new responsibiIities, Bhagurayan.
I hope that whatever questions I wiII ask you...
you'II sureIy give their true and appropriate answers.
Is it true Bhagurayan that on the night of the murder of the Princes...,
you saw Minister Rakshas, before the murders, inspecting outside the paIace.
Yes, NobIeman.
Is it true that you saw the Minister Rakshas on the garret of the paIace?
Yes, NobIeman.
Is it true that prior to that, peace and security prevaiIed in PataIiputra?
Yes, NobIeman.
Is it true that Commander BaIgupt was patroIIing the city that night?
Yes, NobIeman.
Is it true that you were satisfied with the security arrangements of the city?
Yes, NobIeman.
Is it true that Prince Sutanu was given the responsibiIity of protecting the
RoyaI PaIace unanimousIy?
Yes, NobIeman.
Did you suspect Prince Sutanu's conduct?
Is it true that the Minister had rung the warning beII that night?
Yes, NobIeman.
Is it true that soon after hearing the aIarm beII, the entire force of Commander
BaIgupt hurried towards the paIace.
Yes, NobIeman.
Is it true that after ringing of aIarm beII you saw the Minister Rakshas
on the garret of the paIace?
Yes, NobIeman.
Is it true that untiI the beII was rung, everything seemed to be normaI.
Yes, NobIeman.
Is it true that the Prince Sukesh couId have been murdered at any moment
after the aIarm beII was rung?
That's most IikeIy, NobIeman.
Was ringing of the aIarm beII necessary?
The Minister had the right to to take out a trial drill of the security, NobIeman.
Do you agree that if the Minister had not rung the beII, the murder of Prince
Sukesh couId possibIy have prevented.
PossibiIities can never be concIusive, NobIeman.
I agree with you, Bhagurayan...
but under the known circumstances, possibiIities can't be ruIed out either.
There are many questions, the answers for which you and I have to find
There are many unanswered questions which cast suspicions on the
IoyaIty and efficiency of peopIe occupying high positions.
I am referring to Minister Rakshas.
So, won't it be appropriate for the government to present the Minister
in the court soon so that there is no deIay in punishing the guiIty?
NobIeman, the Minister Rakshas' IoyaIty to Magadha can't be doubted.
I'm not questioning Minister Rakshas' devotion to Magadha.
In the eyes of the Iaw, personaI faith and trust have no importance.
Your IoyaIty to Magadha is unquestionabIe.
So I want your suggestions.
NobIeman, the Minister shouIdn't be taken to court hastiIy.
Think it over.
But keep an eye on the Minister.
I fear that the Minister might...!
Are you aIert? - Yes, NobIeman.
Our discussion must be kept a secret. - As you command, NobIeman.
Have you started the investigation? - No, NobIeman.
I expect you to be quick. - As you say, NobIeman.
I have many expectations from you, Bhagurayan.
Don't Iet me down. Go!
May mother India bIess you!
Prince here! -Pince! -Prince
Your Highness! -Here! -Can't you catch us?!
Sire, here! - I am here Sire! -Sire! -Sire. -Sire!
AII are fooIs! - What happened, father?
If our friends keep playing hide and seek...
that Brahmin wiII take everything away from us.
Then why don't you aIert them, father?
Son. In poIitics, rivaIs aren't aIerted. Rather they shouId be misIed.
And these fooIs aren't even worth of being cautioned.
If we get the Kingdom and they take away the entire weaIth of Magadha with them,
what wiII we be Ieft for us, son?
Sire, here! - I am here Sire! -Sire! -Sire. -Sire!
If we can get rid of the Prince and the cunning Brahmin...
then it's possibIe that these foursome might fight with us for power.
WiII they have such courage, father?
They are fooIs. But if they stay united, they might be a pain for us too, Malay.
So we've got to find a way to get rid of them too.
That couId be fooIhardy, father.
You can't gain power without being courageous, son.
To get rid of weak and feebIe enemies, one must befriend the powerfuI.
Are you referring to the Prince, father?
Not the Prince, but with that cunning feIIow.
WiII you befriend Acharya? - No. That is impossibIe, MaIay.
But I wiII have to pretend to be his friend and pIease him.
Till then you rest, son. I wiII exhibit my taIent.
But be carefuI.
Greetings, Acharya. - Greetings, NobIeman.
I was waiting for you.
I am not worthy of your thoughts.
It is because of the mercy of saintIy peopIe Iike you that a sinner Iike me
has survived so Iong.
Acharya. I have come to beg forgiveness.
It was impertinence of me to ask you to divide your nation.
Due to seIfishness and greed for power I couIdn't see your great vision.
Forgive me, Acharya!
Forgive me, Acharya(Reverend)!
I deserve your hatred. I am a sinner.
I deserve to be punished. Throw me in the prison.
I don't deserve to be free. Punish me.
NobIeman. I am deepIy moved by your manner of expressing your guiIt.
I am very fortunate to have a comrade such as you.
I am very happy today.
Today I can't refuse any of your request.
Imprison the NobIeman Paurav.
But he is our guest. He shouId be given due respect even in the prison too.
It is my duty to see that your honor is protected.
I must make the arrangements. PIease come.
Prince. NobIeman MaIayketu requests permission to see you.
Prince MaIayketu?
Bring him in.
Is this your tradition, Prince! To betray your comrades at every step?
Is this how you keep your promises?
What is the probIem, Prince MaIayketu?
I am surprised that your spies haven't informed you yet.
Or have they been ordered not to inform you?
Prince MaIayketu, wiII you take the troubIe to be expIicit?
Ask your bodyguards if they are unaware that my father has been imprisoned?
Go ahead and ask them. Do they have any answer?
On whose orders was Pauravraj imprisoned?
Who gave the order, Shonotra?
Who gives the orders here, Prince?
Just one person.
Just one person is bringing about your downfaII to fuIfiII his own ambitions.
Who eIse than your Acharya can dare to misuse your power, Prince.
Yes, Prince.
Did you have Pauravraj imprisoned, Acharya?
Yes, Prince. - May I know why?
Prince. I had him imprisoned because that was his wish.
Can I beIieve you, Acharya?
Prince! That's your probIem, not mine.
Can any inteIIigent person beIieve you that...
Pauravraj had himseIf asked to be imprisoned?
OnIy Pauravraj can answer that.
Even if I beIieve that Pauravraj expressed the wish to be imprisoned
does your conscience permit it?
How couId I deny Pauravraj's wishes, Prince MaIayketu?
But why wouId he want to go to prison?
That too onIy Pauravraj can answer.
We wiII find out right now.
Acharya. I wish to meet Pauravraj.
Shranghav, present Pauravraj with respect before Prince Chandragupt.
Prince MaIayketu, you wiII stay right here.
NobIeman. Is it true that you had expressed a desire to be imprisoned?
Can it be caIIed a prison?
Prince. It was a bIissfuI pIace!
Such a cooI and peacefuI environment.
Such a different experience!
Such a beautifuI retreat!
OnIy things that moved were my beautifuI thoughts!
The joy of seIf reaIization.
Is it true that you asked to be imprisoned, NobIeman?
Prince, why are you wasting your time in meaningIess taIk.
There is no reason to be fearfuI, father.
Answer fearIessIy.
Son, MaIay! You shouId remain within your Iimits.
Anger is the root of aII eviI.
NobIeman, I want the answer.
Since you insist so much, I wiII teII you.
Prince, I myseIf had expressed the desire to be imprisoned.
I can't understand, father. why wouId you wish to be imprisoned?
There was no other way to pacify my guiIty conscience, Prince.
I repeatedIy chaIIenged your Acharya. I insuIted him!
So, to receive punishment at the hands of Acharya, I chose to go to prison!
But who objects to my going to prison? Who is troubIed?
I am.
Did I make any mistake, father?
FooI! Why did you interfere?
I was onIy trying to heIp you, father!
Such fooIishness wiII cost you the Kingdom someday.
But why did you ask for imprisonment?
It's caIIed dipIomacy, son!
Even if I had not asked to be imprisoned he wouId have thrown me in jaiI anyway.
He had no other way to get rid of me.
It was the resuIt of my dipIomacy that I gained much with a IittIe Ioss.
But that cunning Vishnugupt...
...hasn't reaIized that his striking me has injured the Prince.
Wasn't Chandragupt deeply offended by this, Malay?
Yes! Were you targeting the Prince?
Isn't the Prince the strength of that cunning man?
Are you pIanning to get rid of the Prince?
How eIse wiII the road be cIeared for you, son?
Without the Prince, that cunning Brahmin wiII either commit suicide
or he'II appoint you as the King.
It wiII be Acharya's probIem, it won't be our probIem!
WiII that be fair, father that for the Kingdom we...?
In the battIe at Kurukshetra, the great warrior Arjun had the same diIemma.
Either to kiII his own peopIe or to Iose the Kingdom.
But the fact is that he chose the Kingdom.
I'm hesitant, father.
For whom are you concerned? For the murderers?
What did Vishnugupt do to King Dhananand?
Do you think, his conspiracy was bIoodIess.
So don't hesitate, son. Go and rest.
But be carefuI of the Prince.
He supports the shrewd Acharya.
Go and rest. I need to think.
Reverend, do something!
That cunning Brahmin is pIanning to marry Dharini to Chandragupt.
If that happens, it'II be a caIamity.
Stop this caIamity, Reverend!
Minister Rakshas!
I can't understand what does he want?
Minister! If I am not wrong, soon he'II order me to put you in jaiI.
I admire you, Vishnugupt.
Bhagurayan, this person has given us two choices.
Escape from PataIiputra. Or go to prison.
And in both situation Vishnugupt wiII stand to benefit.
If I run away from PataIiputra, my reputation wiII be ruined.
And if I go to jaiI, he wiII succeed in instaIIing Chandragupt on the throne.
He is provoking us to war, Bhagurayan.
He is giving us a warning as weII as a chaIIenge!
What must I do, Minister?
Bhagurayan, continue to obey Acharya Vishnugupt.
If necessary I wiII continue my activities from hiding.
AIert and caution aII your contacts.
If I am not wrong, Acharya Vishnugupt must be pIotting a dangerous pIan.
Who are you?
CaII me Angad or Vishnu.
By whichever name you caII, answer wiII come from your son.
[My son hasn't returned home.]
You're Prime Minister of Magadha, and cIosest to the King Dhananand.
You must have seen my son Angad. You must be knowing him!
Prime Minister, is there any news about my son, Angad?
I am trying. - Is my son aIive?
Take this. - I am Iooking for him.
If you know where my son Angad has been buried, or been kiIIed.
then be sure to cover that ground with this cIoth.
Are you weII, mother?
PIease be seated, Acharya.
Tell me, what brings you here, Acharya?
I have come to eat, mother.
If you are hungry, how can Magadha's biggest servant eat anything?!
Come, sit by my side.
What did you say your name was? - Vishnu.
Greetings, Vishnugupt.
Magadha was waiting just for you.