Holiday Season Fire Safety - CC

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Finally this month, here are
some safety tips to insure that you and
your family have a safe and fire-free
holiday season.
(fire sounds)
The holiday season is
a time for home and family but
it also brings some increased
risk for fires in the home.
so there's some things the fire department
really wants you to be aware of
in order to prevent a fire in their home
First thing would be
having combustibles, which is anything that can
be burned too close to a heat source.
and when we say too close, we mean
anything inside of 3' and
it could be a space heater, a portable
wall heater, baseboard
fireplace, wood stove, even
a kitchen stove. Another concern
is candles. Candles
are beautiful, they're often in use
during this holiday time but they
can be very dangerous.
The first thing is never leave
candles burning unattended
always make sure there is someone there
when the candle is burning and
finally with holiday
cooking and decor
you want to make sure that you never leave
cooking unattended - always make sure
that you have someone there that's
watching the cooking. If you have to
leave the house or the room
even for just a minute, turn it off
take it off the stove. We do
a little turkey fire
demonstration bacause that's one of the
more dangerous things
that can happen
it doesn't happen very often but when
it does it's very catastrophic so
we want to do a demonstration to
emphasize the importance of the turkey
fryer safety and cooking
safety in general. What we're doing
with this turkey fryer
is using too much oil
we are getting
the pot too hot and we're not
thawing and drying the turkey
completely so it
we lower the turkey, the oil will
overflow and
because you have moist
on the turkey
it hits the hot oil and
it turns to steam
so we have a small steam
explotion in combination with the
overflowing oil and
the oil should ignite
(oil explodes)
(fire sounds)

what happens is a large
fireball off of it
now if it's on a combustible surface
inside your
garage or it's on your
deck or anything like that
that's where you can have a fire
super heated oils
all over and as you can see
a colossal mess
So remember, keep
anything that produces heat well
away from anything that can burn, never
leave candles burning unattended
and keep an eye on your cooking and
watch out, make sure that christmas
tree stays moist. when it gets dry
discard it and have a happy holiday
season from Bend Fire Department.
That's it for this month. If you have any
questions or suggestions, please give us a call
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Happy Holidays and we'll be back next
year with a brand new City Edition.