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What up, Just Dance news.
It's Mia, and I'll be doing your Glee
Project recap this week.
So this week on The Glee Project, the theme was
And it was quite the challenge.
It was very interesting to watch everyone try to
overcome this task.
The song for the homework assignment was "We Got The
Beat," very fun.
There's a lot of leaders in the group, so everyone had
something to say while choreographing.
And there was a lot of clashing personalities, so
that was interesting to watch.
It was definitely kind of crazy.
I didn't know what was going down.
It was the first real tension of the season.
Samuel Larson, who was also on The Glee Project the very
first season, he was the guest judge.
And he's awesome.
He's a cool guy.
I feel like he's really smooth, and he always has good
things to say.
Good vibes from him.
So his tip was just confidence.
He said when you're dancing, whatever you're doing, do it
to the fullest, yourself all the way.
And basically, you can be doing something really stupid,
and you still look good, because you're confident.
I thought it was a pretty good tip.
I mean, it's true.
Abraham, cool guy with the red hair, dance-y guy--
he won the homework assignment.
And they meet together, him and Sam.
And he gives really, really, really good
advice about dancing.
He says don't ever overthink it-- about what you're going
to do next, what the next move is going to be.
Just kind of go with the music and think about what the song
is saying, and it all kind of falls together from there.
So I think I'm going to try that next time I'm dancing,
I'm just going to go with that tip.
Tyler, he's the transgender.
He's been having trouble with dance the last few weeks.
The very first episode, he was already kind of in
trouble with that.
So this was crazy, since the theme this week was
That was tough to watch.
There's a little something going on between Aylin and
Charlie, so that was also pretty weird.
That was kind of unexpected.
I wasn't expecting it.
The music video--
the song for this week, was "Party Rock Anthem" by LMFAO,
which was completely fun.
It was a great video.
They played Spin the Bottle, that was pretty steamy.
I couldn't believe it.
And the group choreography was a disaster.
Nobody remembered any of it, so they just
freestyled and stuff.
But the video turned out pretty cool.
I enjoyed it.
It was a good time.
It looked like they were having fun.
It was great.
I hope it's online because you guys should
totally go watch it.
It was great.
But for the sad part of the episode, the
bottom three was Dani--
she performed "Landslide" for her final performance.
And then Tyler performed "Daniel" by Elton John.
And then Lily performed "Man!
I Feel Like a Woman!" which was really good.
She was going, working the stage.
And she went to the band, and she was dancing with them, so
that was good.
But she has an attitude problem.
So they were like, we don't know about you.
But in the end, it was Dani that went home.
I really, really liked her.
She was a cool girl.
Justin Bieber look-alike.
You'd know her if you see her.
It was a great episode.
I'm excited for next week.
I saw the coming recap or whatever it is--
the preview for the next episode,
and I'm kind of scared!
It's going to be crazy next week.
But I'll be here to recap it for you, so stay tuned.
Have a great day.
Like, favorite, whatever you're going to do with the
link, do it.
And I will definitely be seeing you guys next week.