Survivor Scam

Uploaded by FilmsInfinity on 22.03.2008

and now i think i see a bird up there so
i am going to try to shoot down the bird
yeah yeah no maybe
i'm just gonna take a little rest here before i start
holy cow look at the- holy cow
been out for a while
i'm gonna show you what the produces so graciously gave me for this trip out here
um… yeah that's
wrong back pack
yeah and you gotta do this every once and a while
because - um, what was i- oh yeah
the bears; they don't like the smell
they don't like the smell of urine
so they usually don't
well they don't like the sell of urine so it's probably good to mark your territory every once and a while
and there's the urine
all over the tree
just how i wanted it
nice and fresh
and now i'm gonna show you how to make a slingshot out of a tripod
let's see what we can use from my backpack
wasn't too hard to find this
you just find a rubber band
and wrap it around this area of the tripod
and then
if you need to you fold these through that
and then you can use this as a holding, to hold
and then if you need to, you probably need to loosen it and slide it down more
and then, you have to get some ammo, i just happen to have a piece of paper with me
and now i think i see a bird up there so
i am going to try to shoot down the bird
no, no bird
man, it's really hard to be out here
and so i'm just gonna show you some of this tree
crap, crap, crap…. ok
anyway, here's some birch bark, i'm just gonna set the camera down here
have it looking up at me so we have it there
there we go
looking up
and here's some birch bark
right here i've got some birch bark, and i'm not really sure what i'm supposed to use it for
but, um, i'm just gonna take it anyway
just cause it
it's bark
seems like something you would need in the wild
and now i'm going to show you how to turn your urine into pee
i mea urine into water
since i'm not brave enough to drink my own urine
even though it's supposed to be sterile and everything
and it smells like butter
every once in awhile
let's go, come one, come to daddy! let's go! oh, let's go! whoo! ahhhhh!!!!
oh, yeah!
yeah! ahhh!!!! ahhh! ahhh!!!!
whoo! ahhhhh… ahhh...
whoo! ahhh…. whoooooo!!! ahhhh….
and now let's see what i've got out of the pot
some good stuff, there, yeah, um…
anyway i'm gonna, um, sleep here again tonight, um...
yeah i'm gonna sleep here tonight since
i couldn't find any other place to sleep
so yeah i just think i'll have a few fritos first - i mean… um...
yeah i'm just gonna sleep here
don't wanna sleep on my pee though
i'm really tired, i don't know if i'll be able to make it to day 3
anyway i'm just gonna
go do some hunting
and if this doesn't work
i'm just gonna call it right now - i mean
end it right now
cause i don't think i can take five more days
think i see something
it's over there! *background scream*
i'm gonna go check it out
i accidentally shot my cameraman
looks like he's coming back around, that's a good sign. -Avenge me! avenge….
probably a good food source though
i don't know if i can take two more days of this
it's really hard even though i did get a good food source
anyway, i'm just gonna
quit while i'm ahead
this is just too hard