Jennifer Lawrence El Hormiguero Show April 20 2012 Part 2 English subbed

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I'm going to introduce you to the two stars of this program
They're Trancas y Barrancas!
Trancas (ant 1): Hello!
Barrancas (ant 2): Hi!
Ant 1: How are you?
Ant 2: She's so pretty...
Ant 1: You don't have to be nervous with me
if you come to my house there IS a sex swing, don't worry
I don't do yoga
Ant 2: I used it once and I flew away. That was scary
That's tempting
Ant 1: Well, that's me
Jennifer: You have buck teeth
Ant 1: ...Ehm...let's see...this
Ant 1: Let's see, Jennifer...
Ant 2: Who is the cross-eyed now?
Ant 1: You're still the cross-eyed
you'll se how little by little my teeth will become atractive to you
but if you want I rip them out
Pablo: No, no, no. Calm down
Ant 1: I don't want you to be hungry in Spain with this 'Hunger Games' stuff
Jennifer: No, and I love your buck teeth, but I think it could be dangerous in a swing
Ant 1: Don't worry
Ant 2: Great, now he's goofy
Ant 1: Listen, don't distract me, Jennifer or I won't be able to talk about the section we have prepared to you
it is about food, because the movie is called 'The Hunger Games'
so, we have prepared this game called...
'The Hunger Eggs'
Ant 2: this is very easy
we're going to tell you the name of some weird Spanish dishes
and you have to guess if they're actual dishes or we just made them up
Ant 1: Here in Spain you can find some weird dishes, and you have to know if you can eat them or not
Ant 2: Ok, for example...does 'zarajos' exist?
they're lamb bowels twisted around a stick and you fry them
does this exist or not?
Pablo: You think that is eaten in Spain?
Ant 2: Lamb bowels
Jennifer: Yeah, you eat that
Ant 2: Yes!
I like it very taffy
Ant 1: Does 'pichinejas' exist?
They're rabbit weiner breaded
wrapped in cheese
Jennifer: Wait! Is a rabbit weiner?
Ant 1: breaded and wrapped in bacon and cheese
Do we eat them or not?
Jennifer: Yeah! You eat that
Ant 1: Oh, God, no
Pablo: We do it bowels, but no weiners
Jennifer: You eat lamb bowels, why not rabbit weiners?
Ant 1: You're right
Ant 1: well, maybe if we taste it...
I'll cook it tonight for supper
Ant 2: let's see if the next dish exist
they are made of what hangs from the turkey's beak with garlic
and turkey eggs
Jennifer: is a turkey what?
Ant 1: is...what hangs from turkey's beak
Jennifer: No
Ant 2: That's it. It doesn't exist
Jennifer: Wait, am I wrong? No, it's right
Ant 1: and the last one
what do you think about 'criadillas'?
they're...bull's testicles...
Jennifer: Yeah. I've eaten them
Ant 1: Correct!
Ant 1: You can eat them fried, roasted...
but some people eat them raw, look