New UC genetics lab

Uploaded by uniofcanberra on 30.08.2010

New labs have opened at the University of Canberra, allowing researchers to build on
their efforts to conserve Australian wildlife and to track down invasive animals.
The Wildlife Genetics Lab and new Trace DNA lab will focus on the study of Australian
wildlife, including research in marine and freshwater turtles, dragon lizards, and invasive
animals such as foxes, deer and pigs. We do quite a lot of work with Australian
replies and mammals and also with feral animals, genetic work, so this will enable us to do
that work more efficiently. The facilities are funded under the Government's
Better Universities Renewal Fund. The Wildlife Genetics Lab will allow the University
to branch into the study of molecular cytogenetics, with honors student Matthew Young among the
first to use the new facility. All my microscopes that I need and all the
equipment that I need for my project is going to be in this facility and yeah it's going
to be really great. The state-of-the art facility will enable
researchers to map genes of interest on chromosomes and understand how chromosomes have changed
during evolution. The Trace DNA lab will enhance work the University
is already doing to detect the presence of foxes in Tasmania.
More than 7,000 scats have already been collected and sent to the University for analysis, as
part of the effort to eradicate foxes from the island.
There's not many labs in the country or even in the world that are able to do that in a
really sophisticated way that we are now able to do so that's a really exciting development for us.
Amanda Powell, University of Canberra