Слот - Кома / Slot - Coma (English subs)

Uploaded by ser841 on 04.10.2009

Random numbers of weary clocks
Run as delirious - step back, two forward.
As a perplexing code, a wordless riddle,
They calculate the plane's arrival time,
When you'll be... here.
[Cash] We're falling down, as in some movie
[Cash] Were it not so sad, it would be fun
[Nookie] And we'll be forever
[Cash] Like God and devil one with another
[Nookie] Together
Shouts from our window are muffled.
A world without us,
Dead end,
The time is dosed by the zero-mark:
Single drop out of a tap, half of a gramme per day.
I'm a laceration, a direct target,
Pale shade of a hanged man,
Standing on the needle's edge.
[Cash] It's hell - while being on heaven,
[Cash] To see your eyes with all your pain inside.
[Nookie] I'm lost on the brink of the...
[Cash] Don't you give up, to live is to fight!
[Nookie] ...abyss!!!
Days go slowly,
I'm home alone
Bad is seen in red colors from here
You're helpless, it's pathetic and drives you mad
The soul is impotent without ordinary flesh,
But it's still shivering when my love goes away.
This procedure is beyond the emotional limit -
Identification of a corpse, or a body, as they say in the news.
You have to be strong, and I'm done...
Though no, I'm here, 'cause you wanted so.
My hands are ice-cold
Rain will flow back into my eyes
In soul
There are evidences of a burgulary