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DAILY GRACE: 47% of you should just click away now.
I'll never, ever win you over.
DAILY GRACE: Hi, my fake friends.
How are you?
That sucks.
Daily Grace here from MyDamnChannel LIVE.
Did you miss the show last week?
If you did, there were some amazing guests.
Here's a clip.
DANNY TAMBERELLI: Come here often?
What do you drink?
Me too.
Me too.
Hey, what's that?
What's that?
Yeah, yeah, this is just-- yup, just a little massa--
I know you're tense.
Really tense.
What are we doing?
What are we doing?

I can't.
I can't.
I can't.
I have a girlfriend.
She's over here.
DAILY GRACE: Oh my god.
Little Pete is all grown up.
He's got bits and he's got a beautiful
graduated bob haircut.
Look at him go.
He is living life.
That is so great.
Anyway, let's get this weird party going with MFCFLTS, My
Favorite Comment From Last Tuesday's Show.
It comes from margauxhuff.
If you only had one day to live, what would you do?
I would eat all the burritos.
I would fart openly everywhere all the time.
And I would just ball tap and butt squeeze so many people
and then run away.
I think that'd be super fun.
Also, I'd try and pee outside as much as possible.
I feel like I haven't done enough of that in my life.
And why not?
Why not?
Speaking of why not, it's time for some sweet, sweet internet
Q&A with you guys!
You tweeted us and left some comments and
keep leaving comments.
And we're going to try and answer some of your
questions right now.
The parents have access to the internet, and then they all do
watch my videos.
And then now some of their friends have
been watching my videos.
And I found out recently that my aunt uses Favestar, which
is a service for tweets to see high-ranking funny tweets that
people have retweeted a lot.
And she told my stepmom that she saw my tweet on Favestar.
And I thought, oh god.
Oh no.
There used to be a little invisible fence around the
internet that my parents couldn't get through.
And now they kind of figured out how to turn the
invisible fence off.
So it's making me a little bit nervous.
So, yeah, a lot of them watch the videos.
But it's also, I don't call home enough.
And Mom, if you're watching this, I know you called me
earlier, and you left me a voicemail.
And I will call you back.
I was just prepping for this show, OK?
I'm real sorry.
I'm really sorry.
But them checking my videos is how they know that I have not
been taken.
Give me back my Grace.
Let's take a Twitter question.
It's from sarahvlegume.
Being from New Jersey, what was it like first time you had
to pump gad by yourself?
Or have you ever?
I assume gad means gas.
And yeah, for those of you that don't know, in New
Jersey, there are people that pump your gas for you.
It's not a privilege.
We just like to create jobs in New Jersey.
So I grew up with a person pumping my gas, usually a
fellow student of mine from my high school.
And so the first time that I had to pump my own gas, I was
with Michelle Vargas, actually.
And we were in Los Angeles.
We had a rental car.
We were shooting things for MyDamnChannel.
And we had to return the rental car, but we forgot that
we told the rental company that we would
fill up the gas tank.
And so we went to try and pump gas.
And we were so bad at it--
so, so bad.
And the two of us trying to figure it out--
all these old truckers came by and they tried to help us.
And we actually filmed it.
I think the video exists online somewhere.
If you find it, let me know.
It's just two dumb girls from Jersey trying to pump gas.
That sounds like a really bad Lifetime movie.
Let's take a Twitter question.
This is from Carmen Bibi.
What are your favorite hamburger toppings?
I'm a vegetarian.
A pescatarian.
I eat fish and vegetables.
But burgers--
oh, I eat veggie burgers sometimes.
But they're kind of [DING]
And so, I would say the best burger toppings are onion
rings and fried eggs.
Fried eggs on burgers are delicious.
Oh my god.
If you haven't tried it, put a [DING]
--ing egg on it.
Do it.
It will change your life.
It's so delicious.
It's like breakfast and dinner all in one.
And it's like a chicken sitting on top of a cow and
imagine that in real life.
A chicken on a cow in between two wheat buns.
It's just a beautiful thing.
Try it.
Let's take a comment.
It's from Ambrose Lecter.
Grace's mom needs her own channel.
All right.
I know this.
I know.
You guys all want my mom to have her own channel.
But honestly, honestly, imagine for a moment in your
mind, my mother sitting at a computer trying to edit.
Here's an impression of that. (HIGH-PITCHED VOICE) Oh, I'm
going to go edit my video that I shot.
Oh no, the footage is 12 hours long because I
couldn't stop talking.
And I didn't know how to turn my camera off.
Oh my god, a butterfly.
That's exactly how it will go.
She would never, ever post any videos.
So I'll work on it, but I can't promise anything.
I can promise that she might be at VidCon with me next
year-- what--
in Anaheim.
And I think tickets are available now for VidCon.
So maybe you should go check that out if you want to see my
mom in real life and have her do this to you.
She does that when people talk to her.
Let's take a comment.
This is from wheresmyoatmeal.
I don't know where it is.
My girlfriend showed me Grace, and now she hates her because
I like her so much.
Oh man.
I'm sorry.
Tell your girlfriend that I have horrible depression and
that there's nothing to be jealous or envious of.
It might seem fine on the outside, but inside,
it's just a tar pit.
It's a horrible, horrible tar pit of sadness and
And every waking moment of my day is riddled with pain and
confusion of where my place is in the world.
So there's that.
Let's take a Twitter question.
This is from alicehobbis.
What Hogwarts house are you in?
Definitely not a Hufflepuff.
OK, I'm going to nerd out on your for a second.
When I think of Hufflepuff, I think of
Jigglypuff from Pokemon.
And so I always assume that Jigglypuff, albeit adorable,
was a total dipshit.
And so I associate the fact that Hufflepuff and Jigglypuff
have the same characteristics.
So I would not want to be in Hufflepuff, even though it
does sound like a fun party game.
Ravenclaw, what are they about?
I don't know.
They're so forgettable.
And who wants to be forgettable?
Not this girl.
That's why everything I try and do in my life, I think can
this be a gift that'll live forever?
So I would have to say Gryffindor.
I have to.
I have to.
The colors just work better for my skin tone, I think.
And when it comes down to it, that Sorting Hat would know.
It would know.
Let's take another comment.
This is from Mackenzie Bo-ner.
Is that really your last name?
If it's not, that's how I'm going to pronounce it.
I'm sorry.
Your last name got me good.
What nationality is that?
Nope, not going to make a penis joke.
Grace, who are some of your favorite YouTubers?
That's a great question, Boughner.
Thank you.
Let's see.
I love me some Hannah Hart, of course.
Jenna Marbles, love that.
Love me some Wheezy Waiter.
He's great.
CourtneyPants, always hilarious, always awkward,
always wonderful.
Love me some Leasebug.
She's adorable.
I want her hair on my head.
But I'll let her have her hair.
I want a replication of her hair on my head.
And who else?
Who else do I watch on a regular basis?
Oh, Dave and Ethan, those guys, funny.
Plug, plug, plug.
You Deserve A Drink?
Mamrie Hart, so good.
If you guys aren't following You Deserve A Drink, you
deserve to die.
Just kidding.
We're all dying anyway.
Wow, this got weird.
Let's take a comment.
This is from WeeklyGoodies.
Would you become a Pokemon trainer or a wizard?
Oh man.
I have to say that I was pretty good at Pokemon Snap
growing up.
Tim and I used to play that game all the time to the point
that it was weird how much we played the game and how well
we wanted our photos to turn out.
And we like really challenged each other on the composition
of things, like a magic carp coming out of the water,
getting that perfect picture was really difficult.
So I would have to say--
--or a wizard.
Probably just a wizard.
It's seems like less responsibility being a wizard.
Plus with a wizard, you have so many more accessories.
And I love accessories.
Give it to me.
Game over.
Let's take a comment.
This is from Maria Carvalheiro.
Do you like or not One Direction?
Because I'm still confused.
Listen, sometimes, the world will never know.
I am constantly confused about this and I don't know.
I don't know.
I listen to their music.
I listen to two songs.
I listen to "One Thing" and I listen to "What Makes You
And you know how you become obsessed with things sometimes
because you hate that thing so much, and the same way you
look at people's profiles on Facebook not because you like
that person, because you hate that person?
And so that's my thing right now with One Direction.
I don't know.
But Harry Styles--
I just saw on Tumblr a picture of Harry Styles and it made me
feel things that I can't talk about here.
Twitter question!
Come at me.
Come at me, Bro.
If could have one superpower, what would it be and why?
I've answered this question before, and
I stick by my answer.
I'd want to have the superpower to never have to
shit in public in a situation where there are no toilets
readily available.
I think that's a great superpower, just to have
regular bowel movements in the privacy of my home, and then
when I'm out in public, everything's all good.
No worries.

no, I'm not going to say it.
Never mind.
Let's take another Twitter question.
Are you related to Beyonce?
Do you believe in aliens?
Ah, when I was younger, I used to look out my window and
think that the flashing lights of airplanes were aliens'
Because I didn't understand why planes would have lights
because I was a dumb when I was younger.
Also, I had this recurring dream that the alien version
of my older brother, his face would be outside my window,
banging on the window to come in.
So much to the point that I ran into my mom's room, and I
was like, Alien John is at my window, and he
wants to come in.
And she's like, sleep on the floor.
And so I slept on the floor in my mom's room
for, like, an hour.
And then I went back to my room, and I got to the door.
And I was so afraid that he was still at the window that I
ran so hard and jumped on my bed and then slept
the rest of the night.
So I'm still not totally convinced that my brother is a
human being.
But a lot of us are that way too, I hope.
Let's take another comment, shall we?
This is from Tim Applegate.
Are you related to Christina?
Have you thought of putting out a cookbook?
You are a genius in the area of food creation.
Genius is a misused term in that comment.
I like to say I create very low-class,
high-diabetes-awakening food.
And so if you think that's genius, then maybe I will put
out a cookbook at some point.
Also, I just shot my video for Thursday this morning.
And it's cooking.
And the food is very good.
And so you should watch it.
I'm going to look over here one more time and then back.
Guys, that's it for the show today.
Aww, it went so fast.
Thank you for watching, and do not forget to
subscribe, you assholes.
Also, don't forget that you can watch me every other day
of the week on my mydamnchannel.com/dailygrace.
And also don't forget that on tomorrow's show, we have
Baratunde Thurston.
Tell Beth I said hi.