Learn Remote Viewing Step 2 -- "Connecting with the Signal Line"

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Well, hey! It's Dr. Simeon Hein again. Welcome back to
our little mini Virtual Viewing Seminar here. Uh in this
second video, I want to explain to you, how we
activate the subconscious mind in a Viewing Session
the process of actually viewing is taking information
that's in your subconscious mind
and kind of bringing it forth,
bringing it above what we call the limen, the threshold of
so that we can actually
perceive the information
and write it down in an accurate way uh with the
help of our conscious mind. But before we do that we
actually need to make some sort of contact with the
subconscious mind and uh in the Viewing Process we do that
by actually making use of the autonomic nervous system,
but basically, when we do the viewing, the subconscious mind
already knows ahead of time all the details about the
target, the event, the distance, person, place, location, things
that we're attempting to get information about and it's in
the subconscious mind. At least I think that's --
it starts out that way,
it already know what the target is but because
the subconscious signals are so subtle. I mean, that's why we
call it the subconscious uh it's often very challenging to
actually perceive what is in your subconscious mind and
actually write it down because by definition the subconscious
mind is so conscious, it's below this threshold of
awareness. So we use the autonomic nervous system and
it actually helps us to make contact with the target and
this is how we do it.
The magic whiteboard has just erased itself again.
When we want to
tap into the subconscious mind,
you know, we can't do it directly because the conscious
mind is so strong. So we kind of do something that's kind
of sneaky. We go kind of under the radar of the conscious
mind, through something that we call an Ideogram.
And basically,
what an Ideogram is,
kind of
a movement by your
autonomic nervous system through your muscles,
to basically create a little motion that we get down on
the page, that tells us something about the target.
So when we start the Virtual Viewing Session, it's really
not that hard to do. We basically just let your hands
move and then we look back at what we did and we say,
can I decode that Ideogram?
Can I get some information about that little mo -- motion,
that muscular motion that came out on the page.
Can I tap it and can I touch it? And through touch...
tapping and touching and tracing the Ideogram, we can
get a feeling about the target. Now, when you look at this,
you say well, that's just ink on a whiteboard. How could you
get a feeling from it? Well, yes! At some level that's true
but it's also true that for our subconscious mind, this
this represents the target and if you have ever
seen a hypnosis demonstration or something
like that. You know that the subconscious mind can learn
to believe different things about the world around it and
so, if we tell it that this is the target and since it knows
what the target is ahead of time, it can kind of modulate
the feeling
that we have when we touch our pen to the page,
in this case the marker to the whiteboard.
It can modulate that feeling and through the magic of how
our nervous system works, it can create uh different
sensations and different feelings of smoothness,
or roughness, hot or cold, wet or dry, different
characteristics that apply to the target, wherever it is in
the world and whenever uh it the subconscious can modulate
the feeling and so we can begin to get a feeling about the
target. In that way we're kind of going under the radar of
the conscious mind, in this very simple fashion and
act as seeing the subconscious processes and writing it down.
You know, very early in the history of the Viewing Process,
uh when it was referred to as Remote Viewing, um
it was found that a lot of the psychics,
the natural psychics that were
being tested at the time, when they would start the Viewing
Process, they would begin to move their hands around and
they would begin to, you know, move in a way that you
couldn't really quite tell what was going on but if you put a
put a pen in their hand, or a pencil,
they would actually begin to draw something that
resembled the target.
And so, this kind of breakthrough was made
in the realization that the information is coming,
through our subconscious processes, through our nervous
system, through our muscles and so forth, in a way that even
the conscious mind, you know, doesn't understand because the
conscious mind doesn't need to understand it because it's
already kind of like an automatic process, once we've
kind of trained ourselves
to do this whole thing. So we kind of
re-create this in every Virtual Viewing Session by
drawing ideograms and you know, you don't want to copy
mine or anything. Everyone's ideograms are kind of like
their own, you know, personal hieroglyphics, it's your own
code, for understanding your subconscious and by kind of
cracking the code, by learning what the code is about,
we can
extract information, we can get information from the
subconscious mind
to the level of consciousness. We can write it down and begin
to get feelings about the target.
And this is really pretty cool because you go from having a
blank page, to a page that's filled with information.
That's why you call it the ideogram. It's kind of like a
hologram or however you'd like to think about it and we can
begin to touch the page and get information.
So that is basically how we activate
the subconscious process
in a Viewing Session. It's kind of an automatic process.
It just starts through our muscular system and
we'll just get information in, it just can -- flows from
the subconscious mind, through our bodies, onto the page.
It's pretty neat.
So that's the second step, in the Virtual Viewing Process
and we'll repeat. That's how we start every session.
We kind of work through it that way.
And it works!
And it's pretty cool!
And when you try it uh of course, you could just try it
on your own, you'll see that it actually gets a lot more
information than you'd expect.
Well I hope you enjoyed that
and we will see you
in the next