The Weekly investigates Taco Bell's Doritos Tacos Locos

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>>ROCK: This is the Weekly Daily News Network, and I’m Rock Hammer.
As America battles its obesity epidemic, Taco Bell announced that its Doritos “Locos Tacos”
has become the fast food chain’s biggest new product.
Is there anything America won't eat? We hit the streets to find out.
>>LESTER: Have you heard of the Taco Bell Dorito shell?
>>TOURIST: Yes >>LESTER: Have you tried it?
>>TOURIST: Yah, I have >>LESTER: How soon afterwards did you **** in
your pants?
>>LESLIE: What if they had a blender at Taco Bell?
>>TOURIST: Ok >>LESLIE: So imagine this, you could take
anything off the Taco Bell menu and put it in the blender.
>>TOURIST: And drink it like a smoothie? >>LELSIE: Mmm hmmm
>>LESTER: Taco Bell is doing amazing things. I mean think about this. They’re able to
stuff tacos in other tacos. The can make shells out of Doritos. They’re like the Thomas
Edison of our era, basically. You know what I’m saying?
>>LESLIE: Come up with a delicious fast food for me. Let’s have a fast food fantasy here.
>>TOURIST: Let me see >>LELSIE: I’m going to have a fast food
fantasy with you. Ready? It’s a burger. >>TOURIST: Cheeseburgers
>>LESLIE: Yes! What kind of cheese? >>TOURIST: American cheese
>>LESLIE: With what on top? Pickles? >>TOURIST: Pickles
>>LESLIE: Onions >>TOURIST: Onions
>>LESLIE: Captain Crunch >>TOURIST: Captain Crunch?
>>LESLIE: Why not?
>>LESTER: What about mixing different restaurants. Maybe take a Gordito or something and put
it in a Big Mac? >>TOURIST: That could work
>>LESTER: Make a Big Mac sandwich out of some Taco Bell tacos? We could call it the Taco
Gringo Loco? >>TOURIST: That would be perfect
>>LESTER: For our non Spanish speaking friends that’s the “Crazy fat American”
>>TOURIST: I really love Doritos >>LESLIE: You do? So you would try that taco?
>>TOURIST: Yup, if my stomach’s in the mood for it.
>>LESLIE: Nice, right?
A riot broke out this week in a Chinese factory that makes Apple Products. Though the exact
cause is unknown, officials have said that the disturbance began while workers were taking
their lunch minute.
A Private Dutch Company wants to colonize Mars and is looking for people to take a one-way
trip to the red planet. Salaries start at 2 million dollars, and are payable upon return.
And finally, Linked In has been hacked and over six million passwords were stolen. So
change your passwords or a cyber criminal will have everything he needs to not hire
For The Weekly Daily News Network, I’m Rock Hammer.
You know I had one of those Dorito’s tacos for lunch. By the way, I wouldn’t go in
the bathroom for a few days. We should probably call someone with a flamethrower. What?