[ENG SUBS] Bref. je me suis tapé Zahia (So, I got Zahia laid)

Uploaded by mrkee84 on 09.11.2011

That day
I was bored to death
So I decided to surf on the Internet
I checked my mails
I checked facebook
So I relaxed myself
But then the picture of Ribéry crossed my mind
huh ?
Ribéry ?
I lost my concentration
But it made me think of Zahia
Whoa, but Zahia is hot !
It went back to work
And I got a message
It was Kairon
He found the website of Zahia
I tried the link
I relaxed again
Then I saw her phone number
For the fun I sent her a message
Can we meet in the park?
She said
I told myself
It's a fake, I won't fall for it
I fell for it
and then
Shit !
Hey look at that cutie boy
It's me Zahia
You wanna come over ?
I told myself
I said
I got Zahia laid