Dear Brother (Oniisama e) - Full Episode 18 (Official & HQ with subtitles)

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Dear Brother
A golden bowl, on the right hand
A silver bowl, on the left
Never equal without the other
Those two bowls in each of us;
Those two invisible bowls.
The golden bowl, filled with happiness
Shines with a warm radiance
The overflowing love I've felt since I met you
Couldn't possibly be held in the golden bowl
A golden rapture,
A silver sadness
Let us lay down everything that has passed
So that only you may be held, So that only love may be held,
Let us empty those twin bowls.
I'm gonna miss my usual train!
Huh? Tomoko's late?!
Oh right, Tomoko said she's going early today for club activities!
That's right... Tomoko told me yesterday that she's going ahead today...
I'm off these days...
Dear Brother
It's like this. Since the basketball practice game,
my heart is restless, and I can't calm down at all.
Lady Saint-Just...
Lady Saint-Just, who was livelier and sparkling more than anyone else...
she was really beautiful.
And the burning love that Shinobu Mariko
showed towards Prince Kaoru...
Episode 18 Into the Dream
The next station is, Seiran Academy Front Gate.
I miss her...
Lady Saint-Just...
Lady Saint-Just
All aboard!
I'm getting off!
Sometimes people have to learn when to give up.
What's the morning class?
Biology, French... and P.E.
I'll look after your French. So won't you come with me?
Come with you?
4 groups of bases, and 2 pentose groups.
So as you can see on the blackboard, according to the pentose groups
you have DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid), and RNA (ribonucleic acid).
And this, on the other hand...
Your bag.
Huh? Oh!
Where are we going?
Then... are we really skipping class?
It's fine if you don't want to.
Oh.. I'm coming.
I'm coming!
Skipping class...
Brother... To dump the bag into a coin locker and going out...
I can't believe I'm doing this.
I felt like everyone was staring at me.
But still, because I could walk alone with Lady Saint-Just...
Because I could do so...
That's right, we should go buy some sandwiches and boiled eggs somewhere.
Wait here a bit.
Oh, sure!
I'll go get them.
Mum, sorry. It's just today.
I promise.
Excuse me,
How old are you?
Huh? Uh...
A truancy officer...
What about school? Aren't you a student?
Which school? Is it nearby?
Can I show me your student ID?
What should I do? What should I do?
You can't show it? I see.
School name's fine, then. Your name, and address. You can tell me that much, right?
Is there some problem with her?
Lady Saint-Just...
You are...?
I'm accompanying her.
Today is her school founding day,
and she wanted to see the city.
She's from this mountain village where you can spot boars.
So I'm walking her around like this.
- Here.
- Yes...
Is that so? Then everything's fine.
Have fun. But be careful.
Well, since you're with a man, I guess you'll be ok.
Well then.
Thank you for your trouble.
It's sometimes convenient when you don't look under 20.
And she even thought was a man.
Well, well.
I was scared. Very, very much.
I'm sorry.
Ms. Misonoo is absent after all...
What's wrong?
You're like a butterfly with a broken wing.
If you like, come watch the basketball team's practice after school.
Really? I'll come. Definitely.
I'm planning to call Rei as well, today.
Do you come here often?
You can say that.
Skipping class?
It's embarrassing. Call it voluntary class dismissal.
Voluntary? Oh, I see!
You're too much. You turned me into a hillbilly.
What's more, that I'm from a village with wild boar?
You're lucky I didn't tell her bears or wolves.
Oh my, what manner of creatures are lurking here?
This is God's punishment... For sure this is a punishment!
To think that I would run into Brother at a time like this...
And he's here, too!
It's been a while.
Oh? I see.
So we always stumble upon each other.
Oh, so true. That's very true!
Oh right, I'll send you our campus festival pamphlet.
If you'd like, you can come visit.
Oh, the university campus festival? Really? Sure, I'd love to!
By the way, uh... what's today? School holiday?
Uh... It's...
Now I know!
Rei, you took her out, right?
I don't care what you do
but you should stop involving this girl!
What? What's the meaning of this?
Sure, brother.
Then please excuse us. Let's go!
Brother? Lady Saint-Just's brother?
Lady Saint-Just, wait!
Who was him?
Why did you call him 'brother'?
You didn't know?
What? Know what?
That is Ichinomiya Takashi.
Ichinomiya Takashi?
Exactly. Ichinomiya Takashi.
Huh? Did you just say 'Ichinomiya'? Henmi Takehiko's friend?
Right. Ichinomiya.
Ichinomiya Fukiko's brother, and the eldest son of the Ichinomiya family.
And, he also happens to be my older brother.
Lady Saint-Just's... brother? I see... It was like that...
Ichinomiya Takashi, Lady Saint-Just's brother.
Then at that time, when I met him at Lady Saint-Just's mansion,
I see now, he was visiting Lady Saint-Just.
"Do you live in this complex?"
"Hmm? No, my friend..."
Why didn't he tell the truth?
Ichinomiya Takashi, Ichinomiya Fukiko.
And Lady Saint-Just's name is 'Asaka Rei'.
So they might not be normal siblings after all.
Maybe, only Lady Saint-Just has a different mother.
What are you thinking about so seriously?
Don't give me that face. Have a sandwich.
Did you eat this potato sandwich?
It's gone bad! You ate it already, what to do...
Are you okay? Do you have a stomachache?
Oh, what should I do?
It's not a big deal.
Even if something happens,
a human life is just as same as an ant's life.
No need to fuss about an ant dying.
Ms. Shinobu, you're alone? Where's Nanako?
Oh, Tomoko, you don't know either?
- She's absent.
- What?
You see, she didn't even give notice.
- Maybe she caught a cold?
- Who knows...
Anyway, let's sit somewhere. Let's eat together.
Sorry, I promised to eat with Prince Kaoru.
Oh, right. So you did, indeed.
Huh. Absent? Maybe I'll visit her after school.
Then what are you going to do?
By me uncle's recommendation...
Oh my!
Ms. Orihara! The practice match was close.
Has your injury healed?
Good luck next time!
- Where's Rei?
- She's absent.
A girl saw her getting on the bus this morning, but she's not here.
She's independent, after all.
Maybe she just didn't feel like coming today.
Brother, we had that morning to ourselves.
We strolled around the pond in a carefree silence,
engulfed by the scent of flowers, listening to the songbirds...
Lady Saint-Just has her own world
and I was just walking around near that world,
just gazing into it.
Even though I could not enter that world...
Right now, I'm the only one who is looking into it. Only me.
Nobody, nothing would disturb us
and that moment seemed to extend into an eternity
and that sensation made me happy.
"Ma cherie la poupee"
"My lovely doll"
She looked at and called me that numerous times.
Loved on a whim, and forgotten on a whim...
But I'm not a doll.
Then what am I?
What am I to Lady Saint-Just?
No, that's something I have to figure out by myself.
But for the moment, I won't think of anything else
but stay in this light, every minute and every second.
I'll take this breeze as my own personal music
and cherish it, so that I may never awaken from this dream.
What a pretty compact.
You think so?
Do you use it as an ashtray?
Yup. A junior presented this to me for that use.
I don't know why, but she said she wants my cigarette butts.
She wanted to smoke them later.
Bad girl, huh?
That's exactly what I did, too...
Please give me that cigarette!
Please give it to me!
And what are you going to do with it?
S-smoke it! I can smoke, too!
Give that!
Don't force yourself. You don't even know how to.
I can smoke! It's only a cigarette.
I can!
Then let me teach you.
How to really smoke a cigarette!
Lady Saint-Just, what are you...
Come, smoke it.
Inhale deeply.
Come on!
Lady Saint-Just...
Lady Saint-Just
Lady Saint-Just
Are you okay?
Smiling lips and silky hair...
This person... Is she an angel, or a devil?
Now you know.
You shouldn't smoke.
It doesn't suit you.
I want you to stay just as you are, always.
I trust this person.
I believe in her gentle words, in her kindness!
Brother, I'm not strong enough to see through this
as the sweet whispers of the devil.
I love you!
I dreamt an awesome dream last Sunday
But when it saw you,
Surprised, the dream just flew away
I would never lose
So just for you
I have rushed and tried so hard
This feeling of love, staying in my heart
bewildered by the mischievous fairies' game
dances to and fro, always capricious