My first KNBR call

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>> MURPH: Is this our friend Lauren? Our friend Giants Girl, Lauren?
>> KATE: I believe it is.
>> MURPH: Lauren, good morning, great to have you call in, you don't usually call in! How ya doin?
>> LAUREN: Hi Murph, Hi Mac! Um, actually, I've been listening to KNBR for 10 years but this is the first time I've actually called.
>> MURPH: Oh my G--You know what, let's give her a round of applause. Get that out there. Get that out.
>> LAUREN: Um, I really wanted to...
>> MURPH: Very good, Lauren, very good. Yes.
>> KATE: Let's all clap here for Lauren.
>> LAUREN: Since I was 12.
>> LAUREN: Um, I really wanted to welcome back Kate Scott, cause yesterday I woke up late, and I didn't know that she came back,
but, um, they said I have to talk about football, so, um--
>> MURPH: No, you don't have to talk about football! You want to say hi to Kate?
Kate, Lauren's saying hi to you.
>> LAUREN: Well they hung up on me the first time, when I said I wanted to welcome back Kate!
>> KATE: He's new. Kojo's new. Thanks for the call, Lauren.
Thanks for calling me.
>> LAUREN: But I CAN talk about, I CAN talk about football. I went to the game last week.
MURPH: Oh, yeah? Who do you want, Alex, or, you want Alex, or Kaepernick, Lauren?
>> LAUREN: Well, OK. First I have to say, um, I'm not that familiar with football, cause, you know, I'm a Giants person, but,
um, my grandma's had season tickets since the 49ers started playing in San Francisco, back at Kezar,
>> MURPH: Awesome.
>> LAUREN: and, um, so my family's, like, been trying to get me to be a 49ers fan, so I've been trying to pay attention more,
>> MURPH: Uh huh.
but, I don't really understand when you guys are saying that Alex Smith is like the veteran guy, because,
um, I mean, I'm kind of like on the outside looking in, but, as far as,
um, as far as I know, like, everybody thought that he sucked until last year?
>> MURPH: Yeah, this is true.
>> LAUREN: So, um,
[I can't even understand what I'm saying myself here]
oh, but he's the one who got us here, and blah blah blah, like, I mean, he's only really been good for one year, it seems.
>> MURPH: That is true.
>> LAUREN: And, um, I remember from last Sunday, I mean, you know, I really like the speedy outfielders, like Torres, so,
I saw Kaepernick is really speedy, and so I think I'm going with him.
>> MURPH: Well done, Lauren, thanks for the call! Great to hear ya! And thanks for being a first t--she wanted to welcome you back, Kate.
>> KATE: That was really sweet.
>> MURPH: She's a great Giants fan. And she's the one who had the "Run Torres Run" sign, BEFORE Torres was Torres.
>> KATE: Mmhmm.
>> MURPH: Back in like, '08, '09.
>> KATE: She was all in.
>> MURPH: And then, uh, and then Lauren, she was very upset, though, when they got rid of Torres, she told us,
she told us by email she wasn't gonna pay attention to the Giants this year and then they win the World Series.
>> KATE: Yeah.
>> MURPH: Yeah. And Pagan was better than Torres.
>> KATE: Mmm...
>> MURPH: Yeah, he was.
>> KATE: He coulda been.
>> MURPH: Yeah, he was, he was!