Zionist Visions Of 1984

Uploaded by zionget on 19.09.2011

George Orwell’s legendary novel, “1984,” written at the close of World War II, was
conceived as a warning to the Western world of the dangers of a totalitarian state. In
this finely crafted work, Orwell describes in great detail this dictatorial state – to
be more accurate, a “monocratic regime” – ruled by what Orwell calls – “The
Party” – that has absolute control over every action and every thought of the people
it rules. This is achieved through The Party’s use of propaganda, intimidation, constant
surveillance, secrecy, and social engineering. With today’s advent of satellite technology
wired for data-gathering at the National Security Agency’s one million square foot monument
to eavesdropping on our phone calls and emails in a remote corner of Utah, we are faced with,
(and for those who are aware), confronted with, Zionist visions of 1984. It was Senator
Joseph Lieberman, Talmudic Jew and head of the Senate Committee for Homeland Security,
who upon the inaugural of CYBERCOM in 2010, praised the NSA as “a national treasure.”
What the Homeland Security dictator really meant to say was that the National Security
Agency, under Lieberman’s and his co-religionists’ control, is “a national treasure of information”
to be used against those who oppose America’s Zionist Occupied Government. Projecting a
future in which truth no longer plays a role in political discourse, Orwell takes us on
a terrifying journey where lies are presented as truth and words are severed from their
usual meanings in order to advance the objectives of “The Party.” And this is exactly what
we now have in America where the Republican and Democrat parties are fused into one – a
Zionist fleshed-out ghost of 1984’s totalitarian regime. “It was a bright cold day in April,
and the clocks were striking thirteen,” begins the opening chapter of 1984. We are
then introduced to the main themes and motifs sweeping through Orwell’s novel: Big Brother
Is Watching You, The Ministry of Truth, The Thought Police, Room 101, Newspeak, The Ministry
of Plenty, Doublethink, The Ministry of Peace, and again, Room 101. “Two minutes of hate”
is a television broadcast in which The Party channels the people’s pent-up frustrations
and emotions into displays of hatred against the Party’s political enemies. Many of these
enemies have been invented by the Party expressly for this purpose. At the Hate Week rally,
The Party shifts its diplomatic allegiance, so the enemy it has been at war with suddenly
becomes its ally and its former ally rapidly becomes its new enemy. Sound familiar? Like
Orwell’s 1984, America is in the clutches of a totalitarian force – whose billions
of dollars at its disposal controls the White House and Congress – whose ownership of
the press, media, and academia suppresses truth and propagates lies – and whose seizure
of the justice system is preparing to prosecute First Amendment expression as ‘hate speech.’
Some say that Jewry’s rule over America cannot last. Perhaps so. Then it’s only
a matter of years—once Jewish Wall Street’s transfer of America’s wealth to China is
complete—than the Zionist vision of 1984 will morph into the next episode of 1984.