They Live Among Us Ep. 1 - Pull My Strings

Uploaded by TLAUTheSeries on 05.11.2011

Jane: Hey Craig. Hey, dickwad!
Craig: Seriously?
Jane: Give me my porn!
Craig: Dah! Psycho!
Craig: I was faking it. Every time.
Jane: That makes two of us.
[Craig drops his keys]
Craig: Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!
Craig: Okay.
[music: Dear God by XTC]
Beth: One grappa. One Irish whiskey.
[she grabs Jimmys journal] Beth: What are you working on here?
Jimmy: Nothing.
Beth: I missed you last night.
Jimmy: Got to sleep sometime.
Beth: You coming over tonight?
Jimmy: Theres a problem.
Beth: Oh?
Jimmy: I dont have any PJs.
Beth: Oh. Neither do I.
[at a table] Father Buer: No. I dont accept this.
Caim: What?
Father Buer: This.
Craig: Whiskey.
[Beth serves drinks to Buer and Caim] Caim: Thank you. Beth: You're welcome
Caim: For me, my Paradise is found elsewhere. I am a lost cause.
Buer: No. I dont accept that either. There is hope for everyone. We are all of us Gods creatures. All of us. Even you.
Caim: Gods creatures.
[music: Solitude by Billie Holliday]
Jimmy: Bad day?
Craig: This town will eat you alive.
Lillith: You can say that again.
Craig: Oh yeah?
Jimmy: Get you something?
Lillith: Red wine. Please. Im Lillith.
Craig: Craig. Are you um, from around here?
Lillith: I just got here. [gestures to chair] Lillith: Do you...
Craig: No, please, um, sit. So, whats a girl like you, umm...
Lillith: [laughs] ...doing in a place like this? Craig: [laughs] um, yeah. Paradise Bar. Classic, huh?
Lillith: I practically lived in a place, you know, with the same name. Back home.
Craig: Oh, yeah? Where's that?
Lillith: Wisconsin.
Craig: And you're new to LA?
Lillith: Yes.
Craig: Well, welcome to Hollywood.
Lillith: It's a little overwhelming. Craig [laughs] Yes.
Beth: Can I get you gentlemen another one?
Buer: [a little drunk] Yes. And another and another and another... Caim: No. Thank you, but I think we've had enough.
Buer: Apparently, I've had enough.
Craig: What, priests bother you? Are you Catholic?
Lillith: No. No. [Craig laughs]
[Outside of the Paradise Bar] Caim: We'll speak tomorrow.
Buer: Ah, the eternal conversation. Good night, sweet prince. And flights of angels sing thee to thy rest... [laughs]
[Later inside the bar] [music: Maybe Not by Cat Power] Craig: [laughs], so it just explodes everywhere, and so I'm in trouble... and I can't believe I just told you that story.
Lillith: You're funny.
Craig: You're pretty. [pause] I'm sorry, I uh...
Lillith: No, I... I just don't get that a lot.
Craig: What, guys being nice to you?
Lillith: No, I... no.
Craig: Well, you should. Do you, ah, want another?
Lillith: No, I'm good. Thanks.
Craig: Do you... are you umm, doing anything? Later?
Craig: Do you, ah, do you want to get out of here?
Lillith: Yeah? Craig: Yeah.
Lillith: Sure.
Craig: [throws his credit card down] Check.
[outside a warehouse, the sound of a car. Craig and Lillith get out]
Craig: It's my friend's building. Come on, I want to show you something.
Lillith: Wow. Craig: Pretty nice, huh? [he spreads a quilt down]
Craig: Milady.
[piano music as they kiss] Lillith: Wow.
Lillith: I don't think... Craig: Don't, don't think...
Craig: Whaaaa???
Craig: Okay... okay... ahh...
[Lillith cries out in pleasure]
[Craig gasps] [Lillith is in an orgasmic frenzy]
Oh, no. Oh, no.
Lillith: Oh, no. Not again.
[credit song: Mary Annette by The Hushdown]