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Hey, guys.
I'm David with DanceOn, and I'm bringing you your weekly
recap of So You Think You Can Dance, Season 9.
This is the first week we get to see the top 20 compete.
And I'm very excited to see them, so let's get going.
I'm going to start with my three favorite pieces and then
just go down from there.
The first piece in my top three was the Sonya Tayeh
contemporary with Tiffany and George.
And Tiffany totally surprised me.
I didn't even cover her dance last episode in my recap, but
she just came out of nowhere with her back and her core,
her freaking abs.
She is so strong.
I thought that George held his own, as well.
And I thought that Sonya's choreography was really good,
especially for something that wasn't a weird, quirky Sonya
Tayeh piece.
It was just a solid partnering contemporary.
So I thought that was really great.
The next piece in my top three was Matthew and Audrey's
Travis Wall contemporary piece.
I honestly thought that their chemistry was hot.
And just seeing Matthew and Travis Wall in one room was
too much for me to handle.
This piece was really just created for everyone in
America to want Matthew to sleep with them.
It presented him as the best
boyfriend or lover or whatever.
I thought that they both did really, really well-- all of
the jumps, especially the big jump.
But even other little things, like Audrey, there was a point
where she slammed him into the couch, and she
extended her arms.
And the full length-- it was just the full possible
extension with her arms.
She was very detailed and very sharp.
The last in my top three, and my favorite of the entire
night, was surprisingly Amelia and Will's hip hop piece.
You guys know that I wasn't a big fan of Amelia.
But as of tonight, my opinion's completely changed.
That's how fickle I am.
It takes one good routine.
She's quirky enough that you put her in a cat costume and
you give her a hot jazz number and she's going to sell it.
Honestly, there were two big stand-out moments.
The cartwheel into the splits was hot.
And then also the flip into the shoulder lift was also
very impressive.
But even the most finite movements, they just sold it
with their facial expressions and their body.
I did think it was funny that the piece was considered hip
hop when it was really more of a jazz Broadway routine.
It was actually a better Broadway routine than anything
Tyce has choreographed in the Broadway genre.
It's weird because he's such a good choreographer when it
comes to contemporary stuff.
And then the second you give him Broadway, he completely
overdoes it, and it's just a complete misrepresentation of
Broadway as a whole.
Tyce's choreography for Eliana and Cyrus was not great.
Obviously, Eliana sold it because that's what she does
and she's a star.
But choreography was pfft.
A piece that got very close to being in my top three was the
African dance with Janelle and Dareian.
I honestly thought that she stole the show.
In general, the girls stole the show in this top 20
But she was wild and feral.
I kept saying, she's feral, she's feral, at my TV-- just
crazy, giving some serious face.
The only thing that I would say to improve was that she
had to lift her legs a little bit more near the end, when
she was getting tired.
But other than that, she was selling it.
Dareian had some stand out moments when he did the
handstand and other stuff.
I thought it was sort of weird that all three ballroom
dancers got ballroom as their genre.
It's sort of suspicious.
The first one with Chehon and Whitney was good.
I was watching Chehon the entire time.
I didn't even notice Witney.
I looked at her a few times, and she looked like she was
getting it.
But I just couldn't keep my eyes off of Chehon.
He was giving face, performance--
his arms are beautiful.
I do agree, though, that he needs to
loosen up a little bit.
But that will come, and I'm sure he's safe.
Lindsey and Cole's Paso Doble was, as the judges said,
really, really great.
I was focusing on Cole the whole time.
I feel like I wasn't even focusing on the ballroom
dancers for all of the ballroom numbers.
Amber and Nick's waltz was awful.
I honestly don't know why Nick is there because it didn't
feel like a waltz.
It felt like they were bobbing up and down the entire time.
He was throwing her around like a sack of potatoes.
Amber, I think, did a better job, but I think the
choreography was bad.
Everything was bad.
Honestly, Amber's dress was the best part about that
The two forgettable pieces of the night for me were the
Janaya and Brandon piece and the one that
Alexa and Daniel did.
I just think that the show is setting up Janaya and Brandon
to be in the bottom three.
Their package was not very good, and the piece was just
sort of bland.
And the Sean Cheesman piece for Alexa and Daniel just
didn't go anywhere.
And the red costumes were really just distracting.
I mean, they were climbing scaffolding at the end.
That's not interesting to watch.
I thought that Daniel was good when I couldn't see his face.
There was a point where he did turns and then broke out into
a little arm thing--
so technical.
It was good because I couldn't see his face.
And then I see that smiling, freaking face.
I just couldn't deal with that.
My bottom three predictions for next week for the boys are
Nick, Brandon and Daniel.
And my bottom three prediction for the girls are Janaya,
Amber, and Lindsey, I guess.
I don't know.
I had a hard time choosing last one.
So Lindsey I still think is good, but I
needed a third girl.
Let me know what your predictions are for the bottom
three in the comments, and also, if
you have any favorites.
Thank you guys so much for watching.
I will see you guys next week for So You
Think You Can Dance.
I'll see you guys later.