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I’ll do it… Up here? Yes; this way. C’mon; c’mon; c’mon. Hola. Pick one. Shine five
pairs of shoes… Five pairs of shoes… Go… Show me how.
217A. C’mon. C’mon; c’mon… Who loves shoes? I do… You do.
I’ve done military shoes all my life. C’mon; c’mon; c’mon
Who loves shoes?... You do. I do. C’mon; c’mon.
Gracias. Five Americana. Who loves shoes?
We both love shoes. I don’t love shoes.
I’ll do it… Oh God; I can’t believe I just signed up for that.
Ok; I’ll do it. I’ll do it. You love shoes… Ok; I love shoes.
Who loves shoes?... Ok; I do… That’s you. You want to do it?... Alright; I’ll do it.
Read the rules to me. You must wear an official shirt. You’ve
got to put the shirt on. The standard rate is one Peruvian Sol.
Ok; let’s go downstairs. We’re the last one (sic)… Who loves shoes?
I love shoes… Ok. Shoe shine; shoe shine. You? Please. Get the
dust off. I am Ronalo… Margo… Margo?... Ah-huh… Nice to meet you… Gracias… Gracias.
Gracias. Shoe shine. Shoe shine? Quick? Rapidamente? Dust. Then
polish. Gracias; gracias. Un sol? Gracias. Shoe shine. Hola. Gracias.
Shoe shine; please. Come; please. Have a seat. Ok. It’s Ok? Gracias; thank you.
Shoe shine; sir? One sol; one sol. Shoe shine; one sol? Shine your shoes? Wah-oh.
Here. Ok; right there. Ok; one… Tell him how much. Thank you; thank you.
Shoe shine? Un sol; un sol. Dos minutos; shoe shine; un sol. No? Un sol. Two minutos. No?
Son of a gun. I just want to be standing there; going…
Yeah; yeah… C’mon; Megan… I hate this. Oh; gracias… Ok… Un sol. Gracias; muchas
gracias. Ah; boníssimo; mira. Ok; um sol. Gracias.
Look at that. Beautiful! One sole (sic)? Give it to my manager; please.
Shoe shine; sir? Por favor. Oh; gracias. Oh; gracias; gracias... Gracias... Thank you.
Señor; shoe shine?... Yes... Very rápido… Yeah; sé… And; we’re dusting… Gracias.
Un sol… Thank you… Thank you very much. There you go; buddy.
Yes; sir. Thank you… Gracias… Gracias. Five. Alright; we’re done.
Gracias. Gracias. Five. Sold; all done. Gracias; gracias. Un sol? Ah; thank you; thank
you. Yeah; baby; c’mon. This way; this way…
You the man!... This way; this way. Right here. Bring it here; bring it here. Five sole
(sic). Gracias; gracias… Gracias… Congratulations; you are now on the first of two flights to
Santiago; Chile. All teams are now being awarded tickets to
Santiago; Chile; on one of two flights leaving 45 minutes apart. Once in Santiago; they must
ride this funicular to this statue of the Virgin Mary where they’ll find their next
clue. Let’s get a taxi… Go; go; go; go; go…
We need to go to aeropuerto… Aeropuerto… Aeropuerto; por favor (Airport; please)…
Please. Ooooooo; I’ve got to go. We’ve got to
go! Can I polish your shoe? Please? Uno sol; uno
sol; please. Oh; oh… pardon. Ok. Un sol? Gracias. I’m
done. Ok. Just uno sol; uno sol. Please? PLEASE!
Ok; ok... Oh; bless you. I’m finished! Thank; gracias! Here we go.
I need to polish some shoes! Help me! I need to polish some shoes! Argghh! This
is tough. Uno sol. Please; ah; gracias. It’s Ok? Gracias; thank you.
Alright; we’re going to will them in; will them in here. I know Joyce is next.
Money; money; money… Here; give him the money… Gracias… Gracias… Gracias. You
are now on the first of two flights… To Santiago. Ok; we need a taxi… We’ll get
it; down here; c’mon… Ok. Mom; Mom; Mom; c’mon; c’mon! This way;
hurry! C’mon; run; run; run! C’mon; Gretchen! C’mon; baby! Great; great.
C’mon; you’ve got to carry it. Congratulations; you are now on the first
of two flights… To Santiago; Chile.
Ok. Airport? Ready; baby? To the airport? Gracias.
Let’s go. Good job… Thank you. Aeropuerto… Ohhhhh… You did a great job
on the shoe shining. We’re on the first flight out of here.
Good job; again. Once again… Thanks… Good job.
I’m done. Finito?... Yeah… Yes. Thank you so much; gracias.
(?); Señora? Gracias. Gracias; mi amigo. Step right up and we are
shining some shoes; un sol; es muy rápido. Polish some shoes; American style; American
estilio. Yah; here we go; hey! Un sol. Es muy bien?
Shoe shine; one sol?... Ok… Oh; excellent. One sol; please. Thank you.
Ok. Where is he? Right here. Thank you. Hey baby; c’mon; right here!... Gracias…
Here we go. You are now scheduled to be on the second
on the… Second of two flights… Santiago.
Taxi… Let’s go to the airport… Hurry; hurry.
Taxi!!... We need to go to the airport… Ok.
Debbie; Debbie; Debbie; Debbie! Debbie; Debbie! Debbie; Debbie! Thank you… Ok; good… Fly
to Santiago; Chile. Let’s go to the airport. Let’s go… Taxi.
It’s me and you; bro… It’s just us. Hey; gracias; mi amigo. Gracias; gracias...
Alright; we’re going to dust you off here. Yah; yah; yah; yah. Thank you. Gracias; gracias;
gracias. That’s cinco; right? Hey? Yee-hah; I am done. You’ve got to entertain these
people; ‘cause they don’t want a shoe shine; they want to be treated well.
Bueno; bueno; perfecto. Gracias; gracias. Gracias. Oh; mwuah. Gracias; sí.
Let’s go; let’s go! Over here. You got it; you got it; you got it. C’mon;
Lynn! It’s here. Gracias.
Oh; gracias; gracias. Fly to San Diego (sic); Chile.
Fly to Santiago; Chile. The airport?... Yeah; let’s go. We’ve
got to speed up. We’ve got to hurry up. There’s ten teams; there’s two flights;
so now we’re just in the back of the pack again… But that’s Ok; we’re good at
pulling up the rear. Right now Ron and I know that we’re one
out of five teams that are on this first flight so we know we’re in the first group. We
feel good. Uchenna and I; we’re on the second flight.
We’re going to be going with four other teams. This is where we really have to step
up our own game. All ten teams are now on their way to Santiago;
Chile via Lima; Peru and Buenos Aires; Argentina. When they land; they must make their way to
this statue of the Virgin Mary where they’ll find their next clue.
Rápido; rápido; rápido. Virgin Mary statue. Rápido.
Ooooo... Yeah. Funicular? Mas rápido; por favor.
Taxi? Gracias. Then we’ve got to run our butts off; babe.
Ok; rápido… Close the door… Alright; here we go.
Sí… Yes; yes… Sí… Ok. Thank you sir. We’re just going to the funicular.
Hop out. C’mon. C’mon; babe. We need to find this statue of the Virgin. Dos. Gracias…
Gracias… Good job. Up and down?... Ok; sí… Looks like we get
to cram on with you guys… C’mon… They’re like; dang; man; hey.
That’s an incredible view. Check that out. Ok. thank you very much. C’mon; babe. C’mon.
Gracias… That’s one big hill. This is awesome.
Traffic is very bad now?… Yeah… Ohhh; my gosh.
¿Quantos minutos; señor? What in the world is going on?... It’s 11:00 and we’re in
traffic… Oh my God. Let’s ask somebody; babe.
Right there; straight ahead; statue of the Virgin… There it is; right there.
Detour. A Detour is a choice between two tasks; each
with its own pros and cons. In this Detour; teams have to choose between “Shop” and
“Schlep”. In “Shop”; teams travel two miles (~3;2 km) to this restaurant and
receive a traditional Chilean recipe from the chef. Then; they must enter this crowded
market; buy these five ingredients; and bring them back to the chef; where they’ll receive
their next clue. In “Schlep”; teams must travel nearly two miles to this bookstore.
Then; in this country known for Nobel Prize winning authors; teams will have to deliver
180 books eight blocks to the Library of Congress where they’ll receive their next clue.
We’re doing the books?... Yeah… We don’t want to risk it to have to buy all the ingredients.
We’re going to schlep. If we went shopping we were going to have to pay for the ingredients.
We’re already running low on cash so we decided to lug the books.
Vamos; vamos; vamos; vamos; vamos... Let’s go. Let’s go; lets’s go… Ok; rápido
(Ok; fast). Quisiera ser primeiro (I want to be first).
You alright babe?... I’m good; I’m right behind you.
Taxi… Taxi… Is this going to go fast?... Gracias… Ah; scoot over.
Yeah; woo! Are we going the right way?... I don’t know.
Ok; let’s go. We’ve got to speed up… Ok; gracias.
Hurry up. We’re headed to; um; the Virgin Mary statue.
Ok; you know where the Funicular is?... Sí (Yes).
Taxi; taxi! Liberia Chilena Bookstore. Taxi!... Taxi; taxi… Liberia Chilena.
Ohhh; that was a hike… Shop or Schlep… I say Schlep… Alright; we need to catch
that next… Funicular. Thank you.
Gracias. Have a good day. Uh; Funicular… Sí… Sí… Up and down.
Hey; guys. This way… This car.
Ese no (This isn’t enough)… I don’t have no more (sic)… Pesos only… We have
to go out there and trade money or something. This is hard. Trescientos (three hundred).
All aboard! I; I need money. Bad… It’s Ok.
Why aren’t they here?... I don’t know. I hope they had enough money.
Mom; what are we going to do?... We have to beg for money. (21:21)