The Jerk (7/10) Movie CLIP - He Hates These Cans! (1979) HD

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[bullet whizzing]
Hey, Harry. Look at this.
What's the matter with these cans?
Die, Milk Face!
These cans are defective.
They're springing leaks.
Come over here and look at this.
Listen, you better run for cover
or you're gonna spring a leak. Uh?
We don't have defective cans.
We have a defective person out there.
[gun fires]
He hates these cans.
Stay away from the cans!
Die, gas pumper.
l got to get away from those cans.
[gun firing]
There's cans in there, too.
[glass shattering]
More cans.
Die, you bastard.
He doesn't want to put holes in the cans.
He wants to put holes in you.
Milk face bastard!
Oh, my God. l'm endangering your life.
Cover me. You're covered.
Suck my toes!
You stay here. l'll distract him.
[gun firing]
Shithead! Come on!
Come on, boy. Good boy.
''Carnival personnel only.'' Damn.
Shithead, come on!
You're not carnival personnel!
Come on, boy, come on.
Hey, he ain't no carnival personnel.
[trigger clicking]
Okay, you move it out.
[engine starting]