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In our new Airport layout we will again have many push-button actions.
One special highlight will be the tractor pulling contest.
Our precision engineer Stefan explains the project:
Here, you see my favorite project: tractor pulling.
For all who don't know:
It's simply a contest in pulling a heavy weight
with an oversized tractor.
Tractor pulling is a traction force contest.
We want to find the strongest tractor, and the most skillful driver.
A so-called break van will be pulled by participants, and their tractors.
The break van has a special property:
The farther you pull it, the more difficult it will be moving it.
The tractor pulling the break van the farthest, wins.
Down here, you can finally see some of the mechanism,
which is quite elaborate, considering it only gives
a little movement to this tiny tractor.
This is the wheel controlling the height of the tractor.
It's simple, but I first had to construct it, and I had to grind those waves.
This is the propulsion for the weight, which will drive forward.
Simply built with a spring balancer.
I can interlock it magnetically, so the
tractor won't weave on its way back.
That means, this part will stay down here.
If I switch off the interlock, the tractor will jump.
Looks funny!
But that won't happen later on, I only wanted to explain its function.
A very stabil construction is neccessary.
On the first glance, this huge chain down here looks
a bit oversized, for such a tiny tractor above surface.
Its purpose:
We want to have as little abrasive wear as possible.
By oversizing this will last longer, of course.
Much power in such a little model.
Coming up as a push-button action after finishing the Airport layout.
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Of course, the new layout Airport Knuffingen will
merge later on with the layout Swiss Alps.
Gaston has begun to set the first frames.
In the next three or four month, he will be busy with
the construction of the mountain cliffs, hiking trails,
and Neuschwanstein Castle, among many other things.
Gaston and Gerhard, our model maker boss,
are planning the construction.
Even the farthest corners will be used for models.
Imagine this:
Down there, we have built the harbour, and now we
are connecting the landscapes with the Swiss Alps layout.
As a transition, we want to show the Allgäu (Southwest Bavaria).
Here, we have a small tunnel with a train coming out.
It will be visible for a short moment until the next tympanum.
Here will be a waterfall.
Here a trail up to the castle.
Here's my river.
Then, the water will flow down here.
This will be a little cave.
It's in a cave, where kids can look into,
and I will put something like Spongebob there.
Some character children love.
There's still much to do.
This is the first time I try to do something like this.
Normally, I've only sawn the framework,
but I've never worked like this with plaster.
I've also never moulded mountains.
It will be trial and error. If it doesn't work
we'll dismantle it again.
For the 20th anniversary of the Fall of the Wall
the Senate Chancellary of Hamburg has offered to exhibit
our special exhibition "A City Divided" between the 16th of October
and the 9th of November at the Hamburg Town Hall.
What a great honour for us.
Until then, you can still see the exhibition in Miniatur Wunderland.
Our seven diorama show an imaginary crossroad split into East and West Berlin.
Many everyday situations, and historic events are
depicted in a very small area.
We show the appearance of East and West Berlin
throughout different post WWII eras.
Right now, two of our presision engineers are working on a special project:
They are constructing a new ship hoist.
It's completely hand made, reconstructed with every detail,
and fine motor skills.
Later, it is supposed to hoist ships in the new layout.
Stefan explains the progression of his work:
In the beginning, we constructed the mechanism.
So far, it already works.
Now, we are building the encasing.
They are not supposed to interfere with each other,
so we still have to adjust many things.
On many of the cross struts which snag or jam,
we have to mill, glue, adjust...
We have to do this until
everything is reasonably fitted in the end.
Of course, it's not finished, yet.
To operate the ship hoist we will have a small problem,
or rather, a special solution.
It will be powered from underneath with a rod,
connected with an engine above surface.
Toothed belt disks like these will be mounted onto the rod.
Here, the toothed belt will run in circles,
diverted by many little reels
in order to synchronize the whole thing.
In our trial runs this worked beautifully.
I hope, it will also function when decorated,
but I am very confident about that.
This elaborate push-button action can also be seen
when the Airport layout in Wunderland is finished.
That was it for this months' MiWuLa News.
Thanks for watching.
We wish you a pleasant evening
or a wonderful day, respectively.
See you next time.