Mixed Martial Arts & Cage Fighting Basics : How to Mount in Mixed Martial Arts

Uploaded by expertvillage on 18.01.2008

ED WEDDING: Okay, so now Mychal is on top again, now he's going to do the same thing.
He's going to mount Musa. This time he's actually going to actually throw his strikes down at
Musa. Okay, so he had the submissions first, now he's going to actually throw straight
punches down at Musa's head, okay, so this is the ground-and-pound aspect of the mount
position or he can throw his elbows, just like that. Okay, notice Musa's protecting
himself which is okay, this is good for the fighter, he's not getting hit cleanly. Now
if Musa's hands come down where he gets tired or whatever, and he's getting hit flushly
with his shots, they will stop the fight immediately, okay, for safety reasons. Okay, so this the
ground-and-pound aspect of the mount position from the side control, he mounted on top of
the guy and instead of--the guy is not giving him any arms for him to submit him or lock
him, so his second choice is to punch him, strike him with the elbows or the fist. Mychal's
nice and erect, his body's up so he has room to punch, notice the straight punches coming
down, he can also do hooking punches to the side of the head, just like that, okay. And
then of course the most devastating strike would be his elbows, if he wanted to come
with his elbows down on top of Musa's face, your opponent's face, okay? This is an aspect
of mixed martial arts that actually takes a lot of skill to train these types of strikes
and of course to train the type of positioning you must establish on the ground.