Alejandro & Diego - 012 [2/2] (English Subs)

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Oh my God. Ms. Mirand's here. -This IS scandalous.
If this has anything to do with your famous bets, I swear I'll make sure you get expelled.
Where's Máximo? -Leo? I haven't seen him since Saturday just like you.
It was him.
He stole the picture from me.
What's up bro-in-law? -You stole Ms. Miranda's picture from me! How did you do it!?
Look, look. I seriously don't know what you're talking about, okay? -You got the picture, printed it and post it on he message board!
Look, I swear to you, bro. I was suspended two days from the Academy because of Cassius. Okay?
If you want you can go check outside the Academy where my dad is waiting for me.
Seriously, it wasn't me. -You're the only hacker. If it wasn't you, then whom?
Look, it was only you, Gonzalo, who is also suspended for two day.
And me. I mean, who else could it have been? -Diego.
It was Diego then.
Are you serious? And everyone saw that picture?
-Everyone, Diego. And I don't want to even Imagine what will happen when Teresa comes.
Shit! I didn't think about that.
I guess today will be a historic day at Cervantes.
Mauricio. -You stole the picture of Ms. Miranda and published it!
I told you guys you could tell anyone!
Bro, what's wrong with-! -What do you mean what's wrong with me!?
I'll be waiting for you in the parking lot.
And think carefully about the explanation you're going to give me.
Are you okay? Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Hear me out first.
You're going to kill me. -I'm going to kill you for being an ass hole and a traitor!
You know it was you! -It wasn't me!
Get up and fight! Get up!
I took a picture of the picture and sent it to friend, But I swear it wasn't me. I swear.
But you broke the pact!
Ass hole! Traitor! You know it was you! You know! Let me go!
Mauricio! Mauricio, stop! You're going to kill him!
Mauricio... Please.
Forgive me, Mau. Forgive me.
I think I'm going to go crazy, Chía. -If you don't tell me everything. I can't help you.
Tell me.
I made a bet... To win, I had to take a nude picture of Ms. Miranda.
Then... That picture is yours and it's real?
You took a nude picture of Ms. Miranda?
That's why you were killing Diego. -We made a pact, Sofi. So he wouldn't say anything.
Look at what he did. Now almost everyone in Cervantes have that picture.
How am I going to be able to look at Miranda. Eye to eye.
I took her a picture of her. Naked. While she was asleep. Now it's public.
She didn't know you took her that picture?
Do you remember what happened to the teacher in South Miami?
Just because they saw a picture of her in Private Facebook page smoking something that looked like marijuana...
She was fired.
And all because of me. I'm such an imbecile! I should have told him the same thing I told Yesenia.
She saw the picture too?
Well, yeah.But it was my mistake. I told her it was photoshoped. And she believed it.
Even if she had believed it. She likes to gossip.
You can't keep it a secret Diego. You look pretty bad.
Do you want me to tell one of your friends? Gonzalo? Máximo?
What happened to you? What did they do to you? Leave me alone! and go away.
We have to tell someone. -No.
No one can find out about this.
I.. I'm going to the hospital. Diego. Diego!
Diego, you can't drive like this.
Look, if you want. I can take you. -No.
Let's go.
Give me the key.