Petrol Price Tracker - Australia

Uploaded by Google on 20.08.2008

>> Vehicles are expensive to run, and with petrol prices soaring, it's important to find
competitive prices. Introducing the Petrol Price Tracker, a new
iGoogle gadget that allows you to compare petrol prices in your area from the convenience
of your personalized iGoogle home page. To add the gadget, simply click the "Add Petrol
Price Tracker" button here. If you don't have an iGoogle account, you
can create one quickly and easily. If you already have an account, simply sign
in and the gadget will be added automatically to your page.
The Petrol Price Tracker is easy to use. You have the option of choosing the fuel type
for your vehicle, along with your preference of brand.
Then, simply type in your post code or address and hit "Search".
A listing of recently recorded petrol prices will populate the gadget, with green colored
pins highlighting the cheapest prices, and the remaining pins sorted alphabetically according
to price. You can also sort by service station location
if you don't want to travel too far to fill up your tank.
Prices are updated twice daily. There is a timestamp next to each price to
show you when it was recorded. If you need help with driving directions,
you can click on the Map View link to see the information displayed on Google Maps.
You can also check the seven-day price history for each service station.
If you want to look further afield, you can zoom and pan the map.
Of course, nothing beats walking, cycling, or catching public transport as the most effective
means of reducing your fuel costs, but if you can't avoid filling your tank, add the
Petrol Price Tracker gadget today to make sure you're getting a better deal at the petrol
[car horn beeps]