Годик [|}- [1yrAnniversary]

Uploaded by ThisIsHorosho on Oct 14, 2011

It’s a big day today!
24 hours! [a whole 24]
For the whole 24 hours we celebrate TiX birthday!
A whole 1 year anniversary!
Yes, that’s the reason i look like a waiter
We managed to get somewhere during this year [100 000 000 views, 320 000 subscribers, 500 000 vk.com subscribers and this is episode #66 %)]
I also learned to talk fast
Thank you to all of you who were watching and supporting us! It means a lot to us [means a lot to us!]
Oh... Sup I’m Stas Davidov! [made u wait?]
This cute and very short vid was sent by CrazyPie19
-Varya -Wut?
-Do a Wazzup! -WAZZUUUP!
What a cute and short girl in a cute and short video
Giiirl, what’s with the archaisms?
“YEEEEAAAAZZZ” is what’s flying now!
Or “ADVOCAAATE” at the worst
But let’s face it - this charmer is putting that Galustyan-crap to a whole new level.
Altho i’ve kept a secret from you [a secret mystery]
From you, [HEY YOU!] yeah you, not you [nope], you [YOU, RIGHT THERE]
I AM YOUR FATHER [ask your mom]
Ok, not this... everybody new it [except you]
-Varya -Wut?
-Do a Wazzup! -WAZZUUUP!
Damn it [DAAAMN!] this scares me. Every. Single. Time.
Damn it [DAAAMN!]
Feels as this Wazzup from hell
[it is now!]
Nope, too lame
[it is now!]
I think we need an Exorcist
[no-no-no, jailbait!]
And they’re telling me that kids are pure and inoccent
I’d draw a circle around her just in case, [circle a circle %)]
under the veil of playing a game [game of chess]
Little girl, look! A beaver chewed off my feet and legs!
[lookin’ good!]
I just kid, everything’s up and runnung!
And this is horosho!
Second video was sent by MetalHammer.
Russia is a great country with developed culture, beautiful nature and high-end technology.
Even weddings here are grand and stunning [grand and stunning]
[and stunning]
This is also patriotism [patriotism]
A tad messed up but patriotism nevertheless [beartriotism]
Imagine how your regular Joe from the States would react to this!
[your regular Joe]I always knew that in Russia bears are walking the streets wearin’ shapka-ushanka on and drink vodka.
Wait, why aren’t they playing balalaika?
And where’s Boris Yeltsin?
Yeah-yeah, we all know how this happens [happens to the best of us]
shotgun wedding, bride’s a freak, groom’s not so hot either [another freak]
found a creative solution
Altho it seems that most of the audience has appearence problems
[the Freaksbergs] [the Scarowski]
Guys, there’s a cheaper way
As far as i get it, white bears are women, brown - men.
[F in Biology]
And here are the lesbos
Then the first night, he takes her mask off and there’s…
a bear
I give my kudos to the guys, quite a fun idea they have here! [that’s how it’s done!]
Coz really, gays can and bears can’t? [Bear pride ftw!]
And this is horosho!
I don’t know which year is this video, who uploaded it, who’s this dude and who killed Kennedy
But it’s our Birthday today so we don’t give a flying shit! [who cares!]
Classics! [Me Gusta]
The same type of videos that made TiX! [the ones where someone gets hurt <3]
Remember the very first episode?
[Episode #00, Dima The Stuntman Goes Supersonic]
So funny it hurts
from pain [painkiller]
I know who laughs the most!
I kinda worried... about the ball :>
It seems like the guy ate it with his ass instead of blowing up
So it’s a goal, i guess... [score!]
Give back the ball, give it back!
Get it, if you can
Ah, he’s so big not because he eats much
but coz he plays soccer a lot! [good thing it’s not curling]
[what a goal :(]
Mom, i want a bicycle!
No, we both know exactly what’s gonna happen to it
Mom, i want a brother!
First you get your previous one outta there!
Damn, Birthday, a happy day and i’m saying random shit [what a f*ckface!]
Let’s say he’s just a fatass
[Fat like a freight train!]
In fact, it’s all the ball’s fault! Shouldnt’ve dressed like that! [been there...]
And this is horosho!
And the question was sent by KimLunHo
Only the Sith live in my world
They feed on the Jedi and fart lasers
Who lives in *your* world?
Who lives in your world? [Who lives in your world?]
Leave your interesting answers here on YouTube!
That’s all folks, I’m Stas Davidov. Subscribe, thumb-up and send your videos here [thisishorosho.ru] to the “На Обзор” section.
And once again, happy Birthday to all of us!
So what are you doing when chicks are watching you?
I hit em in the face. No questions asked
I pretend that a dick in my hand is not mine
When chicks are watching me? - NEVER!!!
I knew they were stalking me!!!
Nothing, that’s why i’m still a virgin :’(
- Video wakes my little inner american
- Yeap, you should say "*everyone has* a little american inside em"
- Y...y...........yeah
- I warned you, right? I warned you... But “nooooo, everything’s fiiiine”