Sunlake and Land O' Lakes High ASL trip to Florida School for the Deaf and Blind

Uploaded by pascoschools on 13.04.2012

Hi my name is Rhonda Leslie and I am the ASL teacher at Sunlake High School. And every
year I have a lot of fun preparing the yearly trip to FSDB, which is the Florida School
for the Deaf and Blind. And we take between 1 and 2 coach buses all the way to St. Augustine,
Florida to visit the states only residential school for the deaf and the blind. I think
one of the things I like about traveling 3 hours in a coach bus with 50 teenagers is
the fact that they get to take their learning outside of the classroom. That they get a
real life experience. And also throughout the year we have set up a skyping relationship
with a lot of the students that attend FSDB and when they get here, one of the treats
is they get to meet them face to face, so we have a lot of interaction, we have just
a lot of history that's involved here and it all surrounds around deaf culture. And
what could be better than that? My favorite part about going to the deaf and blind school,
was being able to interact and talk to many of the students. They love to be able to communicate
with us back and it was really exciting to see them. It was my first time visiting and
I actually saw some of my friends who I use to go to school with, and it was really interesting
considering that I am hard of hearing and to just go see all like deaf people and interact
with them, cause I am mainstreamed and it was just really awesome. My favorite part
today was getting involved with the deaf culture which is pretty interesting, understanding
how they actually communicate. You know the difference from you know from formal signing
to being involved with people that were born learning sign language and born communicating
in such a difficult language so that's like the main interesting thing I found out about