Yoga For Athletes : Winner Consciousness

Uploaded by PillaiCenter on 01.11.2010

There is a misunderstanding that yoga is just simply sitting in a cave and meditating. Yoga
could be anything; I talk about Richard Branson’s yoga. He is a multibillionaire as you know
and his understanding about life and time and everything is like a yogi’s understanding
of them. In this brief video, I want to talk about cricket and golf as forms of yoga. Yoga
is only concentration where you transcend the mind, because mind is very slow. The mind
cannot make decision very precisely, that’s why Patanjali, the father of Yoga says that
you have to stop the mind, that’s his definition of yoga and why do you have to stop the mind
he says because then only you can go to your real self. So a cricket player has to be also
in yoga. What he has to do is he has to completely be alert and aware and decision making is
very very important because what you are doing in cricket; you are trying to outwit each
other. The bowler and the batsman are trying to outwit each other. So you have to get to
a place that you are better than the other guy and your decision making is very important.
You should know how many runs you can take and whether you can do it or not and if you
make mistakes and you would go wrong. So it’s a program where you will have to make the
right decisions and also execute it very quickly. So playing cricket is just not only playing
a game; it’s just not a sports, it is just also mind training and it could also be a
life training as well because in life you have to make the right decisions and you also
have to act very quick. You cannot simply sit and wait for opportunities to come; you
have to make quick decisions and then make quick actions as well. Look at golf; you know
there is a book called the “Golf in the Kingdom”. The book came long time ago by
Michael Murphy and then I was told there is also a movie that has come out. In golf also,
what you need is just concentration. You have to keep everything in your mind. Tiger woods
must have been a yogi in his previous lifetime. So he has to completely visualize everything
in his own mind and then there should be a coordination between the mind, the space and
the hands. What better yoga can you think about than playing cricket or playing golf?
So if you train yourself in golf or cricket, you know you would be very successful. You
can apply these techniques in real life as well. So what I am trying to do here is to
take some of the yogic techniques and then apply to playing games. They do the same things
but if the players get to know about the yogic techniques of what concentration is. What
Patanjali talks about concentration at length, what is concentration? How to exclude yourself?
how to exclude your ego?, how to exclude your mind?, how to exclude yourself? and then just
be goal oriented, completely goal oriented and then for them what is important is just
only winning. Failure is completely ruled out. It’s a winner’s consciousness. So
what cricket or golf or any sports for that matter gives you is a winner’s consciousness.