Recipe - Ragi Sankati & Red Chilli Curry Recipe with english Subtitles

Uploaded by recipe on 26.11.2011

What Rayalaseema special are you making for us?
Ragi Sankati with dry chillies curry.
What do we need to make it?
The Ingredients.
Dried chillies,
red millet flour,
chopped onions,
turmeric powder,
cumin seeds,
curry leaves,
refined oil,
pigeon pea,
and salt.
The procedure.
Heat some oil in a cooker,
add cumin seeds, dry chillies,
masala (onions, ginger, mustard, turmeric and black gram soaked and dried),
and fry for a while.
Later add chopped onions and garlic,
pigeon pea, curry leaves and turmeric.
Add enough water.
Put some tamarind in a small bowl and put it in the water, and cook for a while.
Later add the cooked tamarind to the ingredients,
add salt and mash the ingredients.
Heat 3 cups of water in another bowl and add a cup of soaked rice once the water is boiling.
When rice is almost cooked,
add red millet flour and cover the bowl.
Once its cooked, mash it thoroughly.
Make it into a big dough and
add the red chilly curry to it.
Rayalaseema special Ragi Sankati with Red Chillies curry is ready to serve.
Tastes amazing.