Stupid Game Show Answers - Ph.Duh's

Uploaded by stupidgsa on 07.02.2009

[SGSA theme music]
[Pat]: Vanna, when you're ready.
[Wheel of Fortune Toss-up music]
[Ding] [Pat]: Edgar?
FISH LOVE? Sorry. [Ding]
[Pat]: Jenny?
[Audience applauds]
[Pat]: You know, sometimes the acoustics are here are...are bad.
I thought I heard you say FISH LOVE. [Audience laughs]
[Richard]: Name a day of the year when you really wanna be with friends.
December. [Audience laughs]
[Richard]: A car known by its initials.
[Les]: Name a Shakespeare play with a person's name in it.
Midsummer's Night Dream.
MidSUMMER'S Night Dream?
[Contestant]: Summer.
[Les]: Midsummer Night's Dream?
That's the one.
[Les]: Let's have a look at that. For M-Midsummer Night's Dream.
Hang on a minute! With a-with a...did you listen to the question?
A Shakespeare with a...person's name in the title.
[Contestant]: There's lots of little girls called Summer.
[Audience laughs]
Gentlemen, what will your wife say is her favorite giblet?
She would say her favorite, uh...
[Laughs] ...uh... her panties.
[Bob]: Her panties! [Audience laughs]
She...she's got these funny-looking panties and I don't know what a giblet is, but...
You don't know how close you are, really. Rick?
Would have to be her, uh...Pachinko game.
[Bob]: Your Pachinko game!
[Audience laughs]
Name a piece of clothing wives buy for their husbands.
Halter tops.
[Audience laughs]
I know when my wife bought me my very first, uh...halter top. [Audience laughs]
I think I can honestly look back now and say that's where our relationship started to...drift apart.
[Richard]: Name an article of clothing that children are always losing.
Their pants. [Audience laughs]
[Richard]: The price of a dozen roses.
$1.75. [Audience laughs]
[Richard]: Besides a bird, something in a bird cage.
Hamster. [Audience laughs]
[Richard]: A popular...
[SGSA theme music]
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