How to Back-up and Restore Your Data in Windows® 8 on a Sony VAIO® PC Using Windows Easy Transfer

Uploaded by SonyListens on 26.10.2012

This video will show you how to backup and restore your data anin Windows 8
on a Sony VAIO PC using Windows Easy Transfer.
To begin, move the cursor to the bottom left side of the screen and select
Search. In the search text field, type Windows Easy Transfer, and press Enter.
The Windows Easy Transfer Welcome Screen opens. Select Next.
Next, you are prompted to select what you would like to use to transfer your items.
Select External Harddisk or USB Flash Drive.
When prompted, Which PC you are using now, select This is my old PC.
Once you checked which items you would like to transfer, select Next.
You can set a password to protect the files, or you can leave it blank and
select Save.
Next, browse the location where the Windows Easy Transfer will be saved
and select OK.
Verify items had been transferred, and select Next. Your transfer is now complete.
Take note of where your transfer has been saved ,and then select Next, and
finally Close.
To restore your data to your new PC, you can select the Windows Easy Transfer app
by searching for it.
Hold down the Windows key and the C key
and then click on Search from the list of options,
then type in Windows Easy Transfer in the text field search box.
Select Windows Easy Transfer from the list of options.
At the Windows Easy Transfer Welcome Screen, select Next. Select External
Harddisk or USB Flash Drive.
Next, select This is my new PC.
Insert the external hard disk or USB flash drive and select Next.
Browse and select the file that was previously backed up from an old
computer and select Open.
If prompted, enter the password you created to protect the file and select
Choose the files you want to transfer and select Transfer.
Select Close and Restart Now.
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