Mahabharat - Episode 83

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Even today the Sun weeps at the tragedy
If it were in the Sun's control ...
... it would have set with Abhimanyu's death
I am shocked that Sage Drona, son of Bharadwaj ...
... was a party to the murder
How did Karna kill an unarmed Abhimanyu?
How did Sage Kripa display such cowardice?
Did not Drona's son Ashwathama remember ...
... that rules of war had been framed?
The Sun of Ethics has set forever ...
... in the battlefield of holy Kurukshetra
From today the war will be waged in darkness
There will be no rules, no Ethics, no responsibility
Far away from the Ethics of war in the arena ...
... is Subhadra, thinking of her son Abhimanyu
She does not know her son is dead
But a mother's heart knows everything
Hail O Queen! There's a letter from Kurukshetra
Must be from Abhimanyu
Respected Mother! My greetings
May you live long, my son
Yesterday I met Grandsire Bhishma ...
... who said I reminded him of his youth
Father looked on with pride
What's wrong, my dear?
I don't know, lather
Abhimanyu has sent a letter from Kurukshetra
Reading it, I started crying
I felt as if a hundred arrows have pierced me
Some tragedy has surely taken place there
Brother! I want my Abhimanyu back
I won't let you go that easily
With Abhimanyu's death all hopes of a truce are gone
The Pandavas will never forgive my sons
This death will hang heavy on my dynasty
Just see what Arjun is doing
As you wish
Let's go, Krishna
I know not why I feel like weeping
Some tragedy has surely happened
In a Holy war, only the defeat of Truth ...
... can be called a tragedy
Then why do I feel like crying?
Maybe you haven't come to terms with yourself
No, Krishna!
No, soldier
You must have seen someone else die
Did you hear, Bhim
Is Abhimanyu really dead
Who knew the boy well?
Is the brave child really dead, Bhim?
My God! How will I console Arjun?
Why is everything so quiet?
We'll find out when we go in
Did you see that?
The soldiers are not even greeting us
They have turned away their laces
This is not a good omen
Why hasn't Abhimanyu with his brothers ...
... come to greet you like he does everyday?
What happened today?
Couldn't we protect the King?
Has Sage Drona captured the King? Speak!
No, my lord!
Then what happened?
Sage Drona arranged the Wheel Trap
The Wheel Trap!
Did you hear, Krishna?
None but you and I know how to break it
Our flag is still fluttering on our camp
Did Abhimanyu attack the Wheel Trap? Speak up!
He does not know how to exit from the Wheel Trap
Why is Abhimanyu's seat empty?
You tell me, Bhim
Tell me, Sahadev
Why is Abhimanyu's seat empty?
Why don't you answer me?
Uttara will answer my question
My Abhimanyu!
A warrior's life is nothing but weapons
Death dogs our footsteps all our lives
Death is our companion in the battlefield
Those who cannot run away ...
... have to die on some battlefield
Everyone’s silence indicates that ...
... our Abhimanyu is dead
No, Krishna!
No, Arjun
If you mourn like this ...
... it will be an insult to Abhimanyu ...
... his bravery and his death
Your son died lighting warriors like ...
... Sage Drona, Karna, Duryodhan, Dushasan ...
... Kritavarma and Shakuni
Be proud of him!
But Krishna ...
... did not the other Pandav warriors know that ...
... my Abhimanyu could not exit from the Wheel Trap?
We know that, Arjun
We were all behind Abhimanyu so that ...
... we could enter the Wheel Trap with him
But ...
But what, Bhim?
But King Jaidrath of Sindhu stopped us
King Jaidrath was not alone
Lord Shiva's boon was with him
After Draupadi's unsuccessful disrobing ...
... having his life spared by the Pandavas ...
... Jaidrath had done severe penance
He had obtained a boon ...
... that one day of any one war...
... he would be victorious against lour Pandavas
Today was that day
Today no one could have defeated Jaidrath
Where's my son's corpse?
Wake up, son! You never slept so long
You are sleeping when your mother is here
Do you see the result of your love?
Scold him when he gets up
Get up now!
The elders of the family are here
What will people say if you sleep like that?
Look, lather! He is still asleep
What will I tell Uttara?
How will I console her?
Tell her that this bloodied corpse ...
... is not my son Abhimanyu ...
... but the covering of his Soul?
Speak Krishna! Speak!
Blessed are this warrior's parents!
Blessed is his widow and ...
... blessed are all those ...
... who are fortunate to have known him
Get up, my dear
Bid him farewell like a true warrior's wile
He will be an example for other young warriors
Death is the ultimate Truth of every life ...
... but such a brave death is a rare one
Today he has fought those warriors ...
... whom even armies shudder to light
Every warrior in the world ...
... would gladly change places with Abhimanyu
Free him from the promises he made to you ...
... before the sacred ritual lire
On Subhadra's behalf, I free him from his mother's debt
Free him from your debt, Arjun
Prepare him for the last journey
My son! I give you my word
If I don't kill Jaidrath before Sunset tomorrow ...
... I'll immolate myself
Welcome to the funeral pyre of my son
It's your turn now
Was your disciple's son ...
... afraid to light warriors like you?
O Arjun! Till Sunset today ...
... there was no warrior like Abhimanyu
There was none among us who was not ...
... wounded by him
This aged Brahmin has come to pay his respects
He was the only one between Yuddhistir and I
Had he not been there ...
... I would have captured Yuddhistir ...
... and the war would have ended
O Son of Subhadra!
Accept Karna's respects!
Blessed are your parents!
Blessed is your dynasty in whose History ...
... you will live forever
My respects!
Not you Jaidrath!
You will not touch my son
What are you saying?
I cannot bear my brave son's insult
Don't you recognise him?
He is our slave Jaidrath ...
... whom you had freed the other day
Today he has caused my son's death
By Lord Shiva ...
... had it not been Sunset I would have killed him
You will not see tomorrows Sunset
If you live beyond that ...
... I'll immolate myself
A lather lights his son's funeral pure
His heart heavy with grief
There is lire in his heart ...
... and tears in his eyes
Slowly smoulders the funeral pyre
Slowly smoulders revenge
Arjun has eyes on Jaidrath ...
... as his anger increases every moment
Warriors die during a war, O Sage!
Am I not brave?
Why did I not die?
Abhimanyu was just a child
We have broken the rules and killed him
We had ourselves made the rules of war
I am so ashamed, I cannot go to Bhishma
If he asks me : You, too?
What answer can I give him?
My respects O Teacher
My respects O Sage
Sit Jaidrath
You have to light at dawn tomorrow
You must rest
There's a thorn in my heart
Only you can remove that thorn
You have taught me and also Arjun
Then why is he your best pupil?
I have not made him my best pupil
But he was not satisfied
He used my teaching as a foundation
You were satisfied with what I taught
There is no need to be afraid
Death is the ultimate Truth of every life
Both the brave and cowards die
Arjun may be my best pupil but ...
... I am the Chief of the Kaurav army
Wasn't I with you in Abhimanyu's killing?
I'll also be with you tomorrow
I'll stay close to you tomorrow
Your protection is my responsibility
So, go to your tent and try to sleep
I doubt Jaidrath can be saved from Arjun
But if we can protect him tomorrow ...
... Arjun will have to immolate himself
We can then easily vanquish the others
Don't forget Bhim
Who knows Bhim better than I?
He is as foolish as he is powerful
It will be easy to kill him
Arjun is the main problem
More than Arjun the problem is ...
... that magical charioteer Krishna
Whether Jaidrath dies at his hands or not ...
... Arjun's death is certain
How come, Uncle?
Jaidrath is protected by his lather's curse
A curse?
It is a curse for the one who kills him
He is Sage Hotashetra's only son
Who knows better than you what a lather ...
... won't do for his beloved son
Hotashetra could not give up his filial love
One day Jaidrath touched his feet ...
May you live long
Give me the blessing that ...
... King Shantanu gave his son Bhishma
Neither are you Bhishma nor am I Shantanu
I cannot bless you with wishful death ...
... but I can protect you with a curse
The one who drops your head on the ground ...
... will find his own head blown to pieces
That will cause his death
Allow me to leave!
So, tomorrow will be the last day of war
If Arjun cannot kill Jaidrath ...
... he will immolate himself
If he does, Hotashetra's curse will kill him
So, tomorrow is an auspicious day
Worth waiting for!
Come Jaidrath! Sit!
What's wrong? Why are you worried?
A warrior threatened by Arjun ...
... should feel worried
I am thinking of going back to Sindhu
What are you saying?
Famous warriors will protect you tomorrow
Sage Drona, Sage Kripa, Ashwathama ...
... Karna, Duryodhan, Dushasan, Kritavarma
Even I know a little of war
The Kaurav might will be there to protect you
Arjun is only a warrior
Tomorrow even the God of Death will not harm you
If you leave, my army will lose its morale
My soldiers will think ...
... if a brave warrior like Jaidrath ...
... can run away from the Pandavas ...
... there will be mass desertions ...
... and we will lose this war
Will those warriors named by Uncle ...
... really protect me tomorrow?
Don't worry we are all with you
Go and rest in your tent
Life is like an arrow
An arrow from Arjun's quiver
It cannot leave the bow
Unless there is determination
Consolations are being given...
... to Jaidrath by everyone
However, each one of them in his heart ...
... is as afraid as he is